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Category: Miscellaneous
Manufacturer: Unknown
Model: Komori, Bobst, Polar - Ect.
Location: Canada

Additional Machine Details:

1999 Komori L640+LX, Non-Stop Feeder, Continuous Delivery, Steel Plates in Feeder and Delivery, 225MM impressions, chrome cylinders $125,000.00, in production, immediately available. No photos at this time, should have them tomorrow. Interested? contact Pike. 916-408-0920.

1995 Komori L840P, Perfecting 4/4, Automatic Plate Changers, Chrome cylinder on Units 1-4, UVT, I/R Dryer. Same shop as above press, no photos at this time. contact Pike for more information. $90,000.00

2006 Polar Cutting System with Polar 137AT-XT 52" Guillotie Cutter with Auto Trim. Knorr Lift, Knorr Jogger, etc. No photos yet, Call Pike for more information. 916-408-0920 . . Priced at $135,000.00

1995 H&H/Gremser 700 Map Folder, No. 012/15/ with continuous feeder, Ten (10) Plate Parallel Section, Four (4) Plate Right Angle. $85,000.00

1995 Sanwa TRP1060 42" Reciprocating Cutter/Creaser with Stripping and Blanking Stations, with Three (3) chases, Three (3) Counter Plates. $150,000.00

Moll Marathon Regal Folder/Gluer, with Versa-Fold, Tipper Plate, Dial-A-Stack Delivery, Two (2) Glubind Quadraples Glue Controllers, Dynatec Mini Hotmelt Glue system with Two (2) Nozzles. $25,000.00

Moll Premier 36 large format Folder Gluer with two (2) Moll GC2002-4 Glue Controllers, Versa Fold, Two (2) Tipper Plates, Dynatec hotmelt Glue system with two (2) nozzles, Dial-A-Stack Delivery, Bottom Tipper. $42,000.00

NO PHOTOS AT THIS TIME . . Complete shop, more items on request.


Call PIKE if you have an interest in this equipment. 916-408-0920

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