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D 19 C

Category: Densitometers
Manufacturer: Gretag
Model: D 19 C
Location: Germany

Additional Machine Details:

GretagMacbeth Densitometer Model D19C 47B/P


Calibration reference included

Gretag Macbeth D19 Portable reflection densitometer

Transportable remission densitometer, easy to use with right or left hand

Extendable measuring head
High resolution graphic display
Can be equipped with selectable functions
Different filter sets and measuring apertures available
Most important: the ease of use of control wheel and measuring button
All commands and measuring results are shown on the big graphic display in plain text and easy to understand
For highest precision and exact measuring: extendable measuring head, automatic color detection, display reversal, ring lens system
Direct connection of a printer and storage of up to 32 measured values for reference.

Impressive functionality in the basic version:

Dot gain
Dot area

D19C, the modular one: you choose - and pay! - only for the functions with which you actually work.

Optional supplementary functions:

All density difference
Print characteristics
Plate measurement
Hue error / greyness
Auto function 1 and 2

Filtersets available:

Narrow band, polarized or unpolarized (NB/P or NB/U)
ANSI status T, Kodak Wratten filters, polarized or unpolarized (Status T/P (47) or Status T/U (47))
DIN 16536, Kodak Wratten filters, polarized or unpolarized (47B/P, 47B/U or 47B/R)

The D19C portable reflection densitometer combines advanced functionality, superior accuracy and simple operation. Ideal for the pressroom or QC area, D19C helps you improve productivity and reduce waste by recognizing issues before they get out of control. A large graphic display walks the user through each operation in plain English commands. (Or any of the more than 10 other languages that can be easily selected on the instrument.) Functions are then easily selected with the track wheel.

The advanced densitometer for 4 color CMYK printing that can expand with your needs

Extendable measuring head for exact positioning and unsurpassed measurement stability.
GretagMacbeth ring lens system ensures accurate results.
Onboard software guides you step-by-step through the use of the measuring functions.
Innovative track wheel eliminates the need for buttons to push and also allows left or right hand operation.
Fully automatic function and automatic patch type recognition minimize operator errors, ensuring accurate results every time.
Store up to 8 complete sets of reference measurements for fast and easy recall.
Standard D19C includes density, dot gain, dot area and trapping. Optional functions include gray balance, contrast, hue error/grayness, printing characteristic line and printing plate.
Optional functions can easily be added at a later date via a simple access code.

A variety of models to meet your needs

Choose ISO Status T, DIN or DINNB density standard.
Available with or without polarization filter. (Polarization filter allows you to easily match density between wet and dry sheets.)

Measurement Functions
Density ¦
Density difference optional
All densities (gray balance) optional
Dot gain ¦
Dot area ¦
Contrast optional
Trapping ¦
Hue error /grayness optional
Print characteristic line optional
Printing plate optional
Automatic color recognition ¦
Automatic patch recognition optional
Reference sets
(including solids, dot gain, gray balance)
8 sets
Measurem9EA7ACDFCD DEF20C790226E30CF586B9ent Technology
Illumination Tungsten
Measurement geometry 45º/0º ring lens system
Measurement aperture 3.6 mm or 1.6mm unpolarized
Polarization filters with or without
Density standards (filter sets) Status T, DIN or DIN NB
Measurement range 0.00 - 2.50 D
Linearity ±0.01 D or ± 1%
Repeatability ±0.01 D or ± 1% (for dot area)
Interinstrument agreement ±0.02 D or ± 2%
Measurement time 0.8 sec
Measurement head Extendable
Display Digital LCD, 160 x 128 pixels
Data Interface RS 232 C
Power Supply
Power supply Rechargeable battery NiMH, nom. 7.2 V, 1000 mAh
Rechargeable battery NiCD, nom. 7.2 , 600 mAh
Charge time approx. 3 hours
Charge status automatic capacity checking and display;
additional lithium battery for data display
Measurements per charge approx. 6,000 (with recharageable NiMH)
Size and Weight
Dimensions 8.3 x 8.0 x 24.5 cm (3.3 x 3.2 x 9.6 in)
Weight 890 gr (2 lb)

KeyWizard 2.50 (optional - not included)
Software to upload measurement values to any Windows application (e.g. Excel). This software is password protected. Please refer to the instructions included in the download. Languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Japanese

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