Flexor Emis 380 2/CS

Manufacturer: Flexor
Model: Emis 380 2/CS
Year:: 2015
Additional Machine Details:
Overall Footprint 4.8m Wide (includes conveyor) x 1.5m width x 2.2m High

76 mm Mandrel Unwind;
Max 900mm Coil Diameter;
Echardt Liemer Web Guide with digital Display
Web End Sensor;
Back score station with 4 Back Score Discs;
Infeed Pneumatic Nip Roller;
Pre-sheeting tension control pneumatic nip roller;
Waste Matrix Mandrel with tension control;
Waste Compressor (Waste compression arm);
Anti curl Bar;
Die Cut Station with lateral adjustment;
Top / Bottom Sheet Margin adjustment;
Side cutting disc station with 2 discs;
Sheeting station with lateral adjustment
(Jog) Foot pedal;
Repositionable operators screen;
Additional fixed operators screen on Conveyor;
Speed adjustable conveyor with adjustable Boost and shingle size.
Up to 200m per minute speed.
Independent anvil roller, forward and reverse control for inspection and maintenance;
2 x 119T 32DP 296.743mm repeat magnetic cylinders.

Main Features