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Heidelberg Nexscan F4200

Category: Scanners
Manufacturer: Heidelberg
Model: Nexscan F4200
Location: Germany

Additional Machine Details:

Heidelberg Nexscan F4200


Scanning the future – today.

The next generation of scanning performance is available right now, and your future has never looked more productive. With the new Nexscan F4000 flatbeds, Heidelberg brings you a family of scanners that have been built from the ground up to meet your imaging needs well into the new millennium.
Heidelberg based the Nexscan F4000 on the quality heritage of Hell – the primary innovator of scanning technology for the past 20 years.

Next they incorporated the best of TOPAZ, the scanner that set the benchmark for flatbed performance in the 90s, with more than 5,000 working throughout the world.Then Heidelberg raised the bar even higher with the development of our exclusive Direct Capture Technology with the new xyVariLensTM optical system and Vertical Camera Concept. The result is the Nexscan F4000 family – the flatbed scanners that bring you unprecedented levels of quality, productivity, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Just what you’d expect from Heidelberg.

Direct Capture Technology.

The Nexscan F4000 also raises scanning quality to new heights, because it’s the first scanner to deploy Heidelberg’s Direct Capture Technology (DCT). As its name implies, the innovation provides a direct line of sight between the image being scanned and Nexscan’s CCD array. In operation, Nexscan positions its trilinear CCD array directly below your original for an unobstructed capture.That eliminates the need for mirrors or other optics that could distort the light path. Thanks to DCT, Nexscan records full-light intensity and complete image information in its purest form.The result: brilliant color scans, in perfect quality, all of the time.That makes the Nexscan F4000 family the perfect platform when you want high-quality results.

The xyVariLens 5191C2571E 8395C8C81B71A0322658C3optical system.

Another visionary advancement is Nexscan’s xyVariLens optical system.This new technology begins with the original TOPAZ VariLens feature, which was designed to improve depth focus and imaging quality, and takes it to the next level. The new advanced optical system’s xy ability can transport the VariLens to any point on the xy axes.That means your scans are performed at the maximum resolution at each point on the scanning bed. And you get optimum imaging quality every time you click on ‘scan’.

Smart mounting saves you time.

The intelligent mounting system used by the Nexscan F4000 family features exchangeable trays for reflective and transparency originals. That ensures consistently
high productivity for you. Scanning and mounting are performed separately, so your Nexscan never has to wait for the next job. Also: film separations can be
digitized with breathtaking ease

Flexible scanning – through thick and thin.

The Nexscan F4000 scans virtually any original that comes your way, whether it’s color, black & white, line art, or a framed transparency – positive or negative. Size doesn’t
matter either. Nexscan’s large scanning bed gives you the added capacity that makes all the difference.
Thanks to its fixed, flat scanning surface, the Nexscan F4000
can also handle oversize reflective art and even four-up separations. With its transparency unit open, Nexscan can even scan three dimensional objects – all the way
up to your ceiling. And printed originals can be descreened without having to put the optical system out of focus.With Nexscan in your corner, you will never have to turn
down a job again.

Your operators won’t waste time inserting film into mounting foils, because Nexscan works with easy to use register strips.The innovation also enhances quality, since it puts the originals in direct contact with the scanning bed.

You control the Nexscan F4000 from your Power Macintosh, with the assistance of the best scanning and image enhancement software in the business. LinoColor takes care of color management automatically, while providing intuitive tools that allow your scanning operators to
maximize the image. Intelligent software assistants automate the scanning process and ensure first-rate scans every time. Color- AssistentTM takes care of the automatic image analysis.Geo- AssistentTM automatically identifies
originals. And JobAssistent automates batch and background scanning.

A platform that has been fine-tuned to deliver maximum scanning speed. Direct Capture Technology and xyVariLens for the ultimate in scanning quality. Offline mounting
to keep the scans flowing. These advantages all adds up to
make our Nexscan your next scanner.

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