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Heidelberg Tango

Category: Scanners
Manufacturer: Heidelberg
Model: Tango
Location: Germany

Additional Machine Details:

Scanning system - Drum Scanner, 3 Fotomultipler
Software - Repro LinoColor software for Mac; optional SilverFast Version 6,6

Drum - TANGO Drum
Installation helps - TANGO Mount (optional)
Template types - supervision and inspection, color and black and white, Halftone and line templates, positive and negative

Original size max. - 480 x 450 mm, for all template types
Template thickness max. - 2 mm
Scale range - 20% - 3000%
Scale calculation - Steplessly with Autoscaling hardware in the scanner
Scann resolution max. - Optical Resolution 4246 L/ cm (11000 dpi), optional continuously variable automatic calculation by AutoScaling Hardware

Differentiable density range - 3,9 D measured on the output of a film with a grey wedge

Maximum resolvable density - 4,2 D measured on the output of a film with a grey wedge Signal

Signal resolution - 12 bits per pixel and color (log.)
Interface - SCSI for workstation connection
Mains voltage - 100 ­ 230 V ± 10%, single phase
Power consumption - approx 500W
Ambient - 18-28 °C, 30% - 80% relative humidity
Dimensions (WxHxD) - 620 x 1507 x 660 mm, height 2160 mm drum change
Weight - approx 250kg
Approvals - CSA,GS,UL,VDE,CE
Maximum drum speed - 1800 RPM
Heidelberg Tango

The universal drum scanner that grows with you in the future


Maximum High-Tech on a minimal footprint
-upright standing
-Minimum floor space
-A3-Plus Size
-Edge technology
-Top-flow rate
-High-quality scanning
-Effectiveness and quality

constructed quality
-Production under strict controls
-In-built high quality construction
-Dither-free scanning of large scales
-Robust stability

Flexible module for automated workflow
-Unbeatable Productivity
-Highest-quality scanning
-Calibrated RGB
-CMYK data - specifically designed to meet your printing process

Perfect Color Management with LinoColor
-Fully compatible with ColorSync 2
-ScanOpen ICC
-PrintOpen ICC
-ViewOpen ICC

Top-scans at the push of a button
-Intelligent Software Components
-Constant-quality scans - fully automatically
-Automated Image Analysis with Color Assistant
-Auto-organization workflow with JobAssistant


Scanning system: Drum scanner, 3 Fotomultiplier
Drum: TANGO Drum
Mounting aids: TANGO Mount (optional)
Scanning format, max. 480*450 mm
Types of originals: Transparency and reflective, colour and gray, contone and linework, positive and negative
Original thicA958D55DFC C4E12B4B7C40430FDEA366kness, max. 2 mm
Scaling: 20 – 3000 %
Scaling calculation:Stepless with AutoScaling hardware in the scanner
Sharpness calculation: AutoSharpening hardware in the scanner,plus software filters in LinoColor
Scanning resolution, max.4246 L/cm =11000 dpi, if required, automatic stepless calculation using AutoScaling hardware
Destiny range: 3.9 D, measured on film output of grey scale
Max. resolvable density: 4.2 D, measured on film output of grey scale
Signal resolution: 12 Bit per pixel and colour (log.)
Interface: SCSI for connecting a workstation

Power supply: 100 – 230 V ±10%, monophase
Power consumption: Approx. 500 W
Ambient conditions: 18 – 28°C, 30 – 80% relative humidity
Dimensions (W*H*D): 620*1507*660 mm, height for drumchange 2160 mm
Weight Approx.: 250 Kp
Approvals: CSA, GS, UL, VDE, CE
Max. drum speed: 1800 RPM

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