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Heidelberg Tango

Category: Scanners
Manufacturer: Heidelberg
Model: Tango
Location: Germany

Additional Machine Details:

Heidelberg Tango including SilverFast Ai IT8 Studio + Studio + HDR Fire Wire Kit


The Heidelberg Tango scanner is ideally suited for high-resolution scans. Its contact surface is a glass drum. The scanning of the originals is effected by means of a spiral optical system. This accomplished, the scanner is a very good sharpness, and is capable of a density value of up to 4.2 implement exactly, ie even in dark areas can recognize the subtle gradations, creating an optimal depth. The resolution range is between 100 - dpi 11000th This means that images can be enlarged up to 3000%.

Includes an acrylic drum
Including Mount Station
Including Heidelberg LinoColor

Cleaned and tested

- Scan drum scanner system, 3 photomultipliers
- Sample Format max. 480 x 450 mm
- Original type examination and supervision, and gray color, halftone and line art, Positive and Negative
- Media thickness max. 2 mm
- Scale range 20 - 3000%
- Scale Variable in the calculation with AutoScaling hardware scanner
- Calculation of field AutoSharpening hardware in the scanner, software filters in addition LinoColor
- Scan Resolution Max. 4246 L / cm = 11000 dpi, optional automatic stepless calculation by AutoScaling hardware
- Differentiable density range 3.9 D, measured on the film out of a gray scale
- Maximum resolvable density 4.2 D, measured on the film out of a gray scale
- Signal resolution 12 bits per pixel and color (log)
- SCSI interfaces for workstation connection
- Mains voltage 100 - 230V ± 10% single phase
- Power consumption 500 W
- Environment 18 - 28 ° C, 30 - 80% relative humidity
- Dimensions (WxHxD) 620x1507x660 mm, height 2160 mm at roll change
- Weight 250 KG
- Approvals CSA, GS, UL, VDE, CE
- Min Max rolling speed 1800 r /.

You can use the scanner at any time to visit us and test them in Dortmund.

The price does not include packaging and from our location in Dortmund.

SilverFast Ai IT8 Studio + SilverFast HDR Studio (Mac + PC)

Non-new, boxed

Version 6.6

including HDR Studio
including 5x7 "regulatory target, Fuji
including 6x7 inches-light target, Kodak
including activation IT8-Calibration
including "SilverFast ®: The Official Guide"
including SilverFast manual

The award-winning scanning software SilverFast from LaserSoft Imaging, Kiel, is now available for Heidelberg high-end scanner and Macintosh OSX Leopard.

SilverFast Ai Studio for Heidelberg high-end scanner that allows the full dynamic range
writing of its hardware into TIFF-data. Thus, the adverse reduction to
24 bit RGB obsolete. The ability to store the raw data and weiterzuverabeiten by SilverFast HDR STUDIO opens up a whole new workflow.

Important features:

NEW: Fully Automatic IT8 Calibration
The new SilverFast version can also be private and professional users to concentrate fully on the correct colors and neglect the sophisticated technology behind it. Just
by the scanner is first calibrated.

The combination of automatic discovery and the context of the integrated bar code technology
LaserSoft Imaging IT8 targets in the entire calibration process is completely automatic.
A pre-scan is not required. Just the original LaserSoft ImagingIT8Target place on the scanner and restart the IT8Kalibrierungsprozess. Start the workflow for digital imaging with an optimal color reproduction ensures maximum color quality for the output.

IT8 Targets

The quality IT8Targets both reflected and transmitted light targets makes LaserSoft Imaging in a separate IT8Produktion. With small lot sizes is secured the highest precision. A
integrated into the SilverFastIT8Targets and patent-pending barcode ensures that the reference data is identified.

New: SilverFast car frame alignment and free rotation
Especially if you are a lot of different templates on the scanner, the
Auto frame alignment in combination with the automatic frame detection with the templates are now not only one click and automatically. Frame ", but the images are automatically aligned even at right angles.

This task will now be conveniently done by the intelligent algorithms for detection and alignment of the frame with the utmost simplicity. In addition, the framework for the purpose of fine-tuning are simply rotated manually at any angle. The car frame alignment has been specifically designed with a very simple, convenient and time-saving scanning experience in mind.

New: An automatic color cast removal (CCR) iACC154328D 1488B5DAB0E1A8DF5FBEE6n NegaFix
An automatic color cast removal (CCR) has been newly added to all SilverFast versions, which contain mandatory NegaFix. With this enhancement, it is possible to achieve even farbstichneutralere results. The handling is easy and is very easy by clicking the checkbox in the CCR NegaFixDialog, as shown below.

New: Improved descreening
SilverFast has a completely new descreening to remove the dot printed images. The newly developed descreening in SilverFast is able to scan the pattern of the template to automatically recognize.

There are 4 types of descreening made available:
- Auto descreening
- Car-intensive descreening
- Descreening
- USM & Descreening

"Auto-descreening" and "Auto-descreening intensive" are full automatics.

FireWire Kit for Mac + PC

Not - New

The FireWire Kit consists of:
- 1 x FireWire to SCSI Adapter Ratoc FR1SX including drivers, manual
- 1 x SCSI adapters HPDB50 female / female
- 1 x Centronics 50 to HD 50 Adapter

The combination of these two Adpater allows
smooth operation.

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