Horizon Stichliner SL 5500

Manufacturer: Horizon
Model: Stichliner SL 5500
Year:: 2006
Additional Machine Details:
We are pleased to offer:
2006 Horizon Stichliner Sl5500 collators (amc)
Serial No: SPF-30 (337003) ACF-30 (337003) HTS-30 (337003) TB-30 (331002) ST-40 (364118) VAC-100A (389001) VAC-100M (388330) VAC-100C (389505) – Collators fitted with EAB-100
Age: 16/08/2006
Options Fitted: PJ-77r Jogger BOG E compressor
Tools/Accessories: included
Manuals (parts/operation): included
Good conditions
Inspections welcomed
Located in the UK

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