Horizon VAC 1000

Manufacturer: Horizon
Model: VAC 1000
Year:: 2016
Additional Machine Details:
air-suction collator HORIZON VAC 1000 of 08/2016, 20 bins, size 35x50 cm

with 2 towers Vac-1000a n°043032 and VAC-1000m N°043332

unique rotary suction feeding system, lare color touchscreen and wireless remote control with deouble feeding, misfeeding and sheet jamming detection (infrared LES at each bin for high-power double feed detection), new powerful blower, advanced programming functions such as double cycle, dual cover feed, preset tabbing, left and side delivery, memorise frequent job settings

max. bin pile height : 55 mm

production speed (for 24 bins) up to 6900 sets/h. (A4LEF, réception droite)

sheet size from 148x148 mm to 350x500 mm

sheet weight range : 53-210 g/m2 normal paper - 74-210 g/m2 coated paper

sheet overlap : 4 steps

dimensions (blower included) : 93x99x196 cm - weight : 290 kg (per tower) + 30 kg per blower box

+ bypass stacker ST-40 n°448103 for size 182x128 mm to 350x500 mm, max.height : 360 mm with error rejection system for non-stop operation, sheet weight range : 52-208 gsm, sheet delivery thickness : max. 6 mm, stack pile height : 360 mm, dimensions : 135x65x103 cm including feed error tray + horizontal conveyor ST-CV n°438003 (14 kg)

counter : only 68.582

(price for a new : 46.000€)

+ in-line automated bookletmaker including

SPF-200A sticher & folder n°002918 with 2 HÖHNER stitching heads 43/6S, color touchscreen, for saddle stitch and fold, for sheet weight range of 64-157 gr normal paper and 85-157 gr art coated paper, booklet size from 120x90 mm (120x85 mm with trimming) to 356x254 mm (356x250 mm with trimming), folding thickness to 2 mm, adjustable stitch distance 73-290 mm, jam/wire feeding/jog error detection, total booklet count, batch count - dimensions : 277x81x125 cm - weight : 454 kg
FC-200A n°002918 Fore-edge trimmer with external trim box, faulty set rejection, Jam/Trim Full/Faulty set ejection try full detection, for booklet size 120x90 mm to 356x254 mm (before trimming) and 120x85 mm to 356x250 mm (after trimming), max. trimming width : 20 mm, max.trimming thickness : 4 mm, with long conveyor LC-200 n°301003 - dimensions : 134x81x107 cm - weight : 244 kg
+ Preset Kicker PK-30 n°381006 : according to a preset number input on the touchscreen, a booklet is skewed to identify and separate the end of a series
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