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What makes pressXchange different?

June 2017

Over the last few years the number of websites listing used graphic arts machines has mushroomed and the field is now crowded – not necessarily to the advantage of the printer who would like to find what is on the market all in one place. But pressXchange continues to be very successful in its mission - to put print, bindery and packaging professionals around the world into direct contact with reliable sellers of equipment, both private sellers and machinery dealers. 

This is what makes pressXchange different, and a trustworthy and reliable partner:

  • PressXchange is the longest established website for used printing machinery, serving the industry since the year 2000.  Since then over 200,000 members have signed up becoming a part of a genuine community of buyers and sellers.  Machinery dealers in the main importing markets in Asia, Africa and North and South America have used pressXchange since the very start and have got into the habit of turning to pressXchange to find the right machines for their customers;
  • pressXchange allows users to search for machines in its database, to find out immediately who is offering the kit, email or phone the seller and visit his website; PressXchange provides complete transparency: being independent, the platform charges no commission to buyer or seller and has no “agenda”.
  • Currently various platforms in the online marketplace are generalist sites offering everything from catering equipment to trucks.  Unlike these, pressXchange exclusively specializes in print, binding and packaging machinery
  • The CEO, John Roadnight, has been in the industry for over 45 years – and he and his team have an excellent understanding of the machines which are being offered and the problems and opportunities which are affecting the printing industry. Communication with the customers and a prompt response to changes in the industry have always been an important key to the company’s success.
  • The very best and most respected machinery dealers have built up successful businesses by supplying high quality equipment and service to their customers through the pressXchange marketplace.  There are currently 196 dealers listing equipment with pressXchange – many of them for over 15 years – knowing from experience that this marketplace brings them new buyers and gets excellent results;
  • PressXchange employs the best people – two full-time developers, two customer services consultants, a graphic designer, a business development director and a marketing manager moving our business into new markets, as well as excellent sales and admin personnel. The team is constantly in touch with customers, making improvements to the site, actively checking that new machines added to the site are listed in the right category, images are showing correctly and ensuring potential buyers are finding the machines they want.

PressXchange continues to be the most up-to-date site in the used machinery market.  Advertisers only pay for the number of machines they display on the marketplace: this encourages them to advertise “real” machines only and to remove them from the site once they are sold, quickly replacing them with current ones.  Most competitor sites use a different business model, allowing advertisers to add as many machines as they like. This means less admin work for these platforms and less security for dealers and buyers. Some believe the more machines they list – real or fictitious – the more enquiries they will receive and the more names they can add to their contact databases. This situation is not good for the enquirers who either receive no response or are told time after time that a machine has already been sold. This type of unsupervised situation in the marketplace creates more enquiries but fewer sales and generally destroys the trust between buyers and dealers.

One US used machines website scrapes entries from dealers’ websites, often without their consent – and even scrapes the entries from pressXchange.  The site claims to have more than 15,000 print sector machines listed – not surprising since the list is rarely updated and sold machines are not being removed. Their idea is that the more entries the site has the more Google listings it receives. This leads to lack of transparency and wastes the precious time of customers looking for used graphic machinery. PressXchange doesn’t scrape other used machinery platforms, the 3,000 plus machines found on its site are real pieces of equipment, deliberately put there by the legitimate sellers;

More than anything pressXchange listens to its advertisers and users, constantly looking to improve the services offered and encouraging a dialogue – creating a trustworthy community.  If you have suggestions then please contact pressXchange.

The pressXchange team is looking forward to your inquiries.


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