Manufacturer: KBA
Model: Rapida 106
Year:: 2010
Additional Machine Details:
CX package up to 1.2 mm thickness;
ErgoTronic console with ColorTronic ink metering;
X-Rite color measurement;
FAPC fully-automatic plate change;
KBA Non-Stop-Feeder, automatic;
Kersten anti-static device, high-performance version;
Dust removal at feeder;
Cardboard equipment with mechanical guide elements (> 600 g/m2);
Sheet travel control;
Inking unit temperature control incl. doctor cooling;
Hickey Picker;
Elettra washing device for blanket- and impression cylinder & roller washing for simultaneous washing processes;
Coating unit (L) Harris & Bruno chamered doctor blade for conventional coatings;
Quick action plate clamps;
Harris & Bruno coating supply and cleaning system for conventional coatings;
KBA VariDry IR / Hot-air end dryer in delivery and extended delivery;
Extended delivery ALV3 = 3800 mm;
KBA Non-Stop-Delivery, descending;
Weko AP 130 powder spray;
Becker air-cabinet;
Technotrans Beta.c High-Tech combi cooling device;
Technotrans Beta.f filter unit;
Grapho-Metronic register;
Press raised 675 mm;
6 colour (6-0) offset press + coating unit + extended delivery 750 x 1060 mm
Max. 18.000 sheets per hour.
Mechanical Condition:
Main Features
  • Sheet Size:
  • B1 (100 cms/40")
  • Number of impressions:
  • 106 millions
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