KBA 2012 RAPIDA 106 4 + T + 4 SW HR UV SPC

Manufacturer: KBA
Model: Rapida 106
Year:: 2012
Additional Machine Details:
Ergotronic including wall screen,

High performance antistatic,

Inking units equipped for changing ink types,

Drying unit (T) equipped with HR UV dryer,

Video system for sheet travel,

Sound insulation for feeder head,

Pile entry in sheet travel direction,


Sensoric Infeed system (SIS),

Full automatic plate change,

Drivetronic SPC - Simultaneous Plate Change,

Drivetronic Plate Ident,

Inking unit temperature control without ink ductor cooling air cooled,

Technotrans Beta C High tech Combi cooling device,

Cleantronic- Multi purpose washing system for all washers,

Cleantronic UV,

Pile exit in sheet travel direction,

Connection to central water cooling (customer owned),

KBA powder removal,

Water cooled air cabinet (connected to existing cooling of the printshop),

KBA Varidry HR UV dryer in T and extended delivery,

Qualitronic Profesional Color Control perfecting,

Ergotronic Cololr control,

Ergotronic LAB,

Qualitronic DOTview.

Main Features
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