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Lamtex T1 76

Category: Finishing
Manufacturer: Lamtex
Model: T1 76
Year: 2001
Location: United Kingdom

Additional Machine Details:

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Lamtex TI 76 Year 2001
Single Side Lamination
Maximum Sheet Size: 1020 x 720 mm - 40 x 28.5 inches
Maximum Sheet Length 250 mm
Maximum Sheet Weight 450g/m2
Minimum Sheet Weight 90 g/m2
Maximum Speed 65m/min
Max. sheet per hour 8000
Underlap Accuracy +/- 2.0mm
HTB Feeder
Vacuum Feed Table
Overall dimensions:
Part 1
Size: 2.3 m long x 1.36m wide x 1.4 high
Weight 900kg
Contents: Feeder, Walkway, Pump, Heater and Jogger.
Part 2
Size: 1.1 m long x 1.5m wide 1.6 heigh
Weight: 1100 kg
Contents Laminator
Part 3
Size: 1.7m long x 1.4m Wide 1.2 high
Weight: 700kg
Content: Sheeter
Good working order
Available immediately

Mechanical Condition: