MAN-Roland 708 3B P

Manufacturer: Manroland
Model: 700
Year:: 2007
Additional Machine Details:
OptiPrint Jackets, InlineObserver (Starterkit), Plate cylinder - coated, Sidelay - pneumatic, Blanket cylinder - coated, Cooling and recirculation (Technotrans beta.c), Antistatic feeder (Eltex), Alcosmart (alcohol measuring technology f IPA), QuickChange Job (Job changeover), QuickChange Air, Colorpilot (upgraded from DOS to WIN), APL (automatic plate loading), Stream feeder, Rolandmatic Delta continuous dampening, DirectDrive (Simultaneeous plate changing), Impression-cylinder washing device - automatic, Powder exhauster (Schneider), Antistatic delivery (Eltex), Impression cylinder - coated, Water cooled peripherals, Air-Glide Delivery, Perfecting 8:0/4:4, Blanket washing device - automatic, Powder sprayer (Weko AP262), Sheet brake, Double sheet detection - electronic, Ink-roller washing device - automatic
Main Features
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