MAN Roland R 706-3B LTTLV Direct Drive

Manufacturer: Manroland
Model: 700
Year:: 2006
Additional Machine Details:
manroland DirectDrive
Pile board feeder with side edge control
doublesheet control electric/mechanical
ultrasonic detection system
cardboard guide at sidelay
doublesize impression cylinder
enhanced cylinder surface
double sized transfer cylinder
APL fully automated plate changing
RCI Ink and register remote control
Automatic ink roller cleaning device
Automatic blanket cleaning device
QuickChange Surface
Roland Deltamatic Dampening
Tecnotrans Combi dampening and inktemperature control
with alcohol metering device, Alcocontrol
sheet decurler
Powder sprayer WEKO AP 262
pile board delivery
TelePresence Remote
Becker Variaair-System
Automatic impression cylinder wash-up device
Inline DoubleCoater (double-coater module with chamber-blade technology)
QuickChange Coating
ROLAND SelectDryer IR/TL
Extended delivery approx. 1.828 mm
Eltex Antistatic at feeder and delivery
Coater temperatur control equipment
IR / TL / UV drying system, consisting of
- UV preparation of the machine
- 3 x UV intermediate dryer (with full flexibility)
-IR / TL / -intermediate dryer in the TT module
-IR / TLUV end dryer
Inline Inspector (EagleEye)
Powder extraction
ColorPilot D + F - densitometry and colorimetry - color measurement and control system
Heat exchanger water / water to UV end dryer

can be inspected in printingshop, Europe
Main Features
  • Sheet Size:
  • B1 (100 cms/40")
  • Number of impressions:
  • 401 millions
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