Manufacturer: Renz
Model: AUTOBIND 500
Year:: 2007
Location:: Belgium
Additional Machine Details:
RENZ AUTOBIND 500 n°405002000.7439 of 11/2007 for book, skip and calendar binding
with calendar hanger tool KAS 300 of 11/2007 n°433000561.4219
The RENZ® Autobind 500 is a semi-automatic binding machine for processing RENZ RING WIRE® from spools for books, calendars and skip-binding.
By pressing the foot pedal the book is clamped and the binding table moves forward into the closing bars and the binding is closed.
The KAS 300 (calendar hanger tool) is required for producing calendars.
Straight wire pieces are formed into the hanger shape and then automatically guided into the wire before closing.
By this patented RENZ®-technology manual preparing and manual inserting of the calendar hanger is a thing of the past.
The main control panel uses touch-screen technology.
The screen clearly displays all current machine data, menus for adjustment and operation and - if necessary - error messages.
Transport chain maintains accurate position of both 3 :1 and 2 :1 pitch wire com elements
manual horizontal paper feed
automatic insertion
automatic/foot pedal closing
automatic spool dewinding with winding of separation paper strip.
Specifications :
Working width : 500 mm
Sizes : Bound edge max. 500 mm – min. 60 mm
Not-bound edge min. 100 mm
Block thickness : max. 23 mm
Cycle speed : 800-1200 pieces/hour depending on products, logistics and operator
Pitches : 4 :1, 3 :1, 2 :1
possible diameters : 3/16'' - 1 1/8"
change over time : 15 min. depening on diameter and pitch
compressed air
Weight : 225 kg - Dimensions : 165x156x170 cm

Mechanical Condition:
Main Features