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Used Polar Guillotines and Cutters for sale

Starting paper guillotine production just after WWII, Polar is now the most successful manufacturer of paper cutters in the world, reaching a total of 125,000 machines sold in 2006. The Polar name is synonymous with quality and at the time of writing there are 85 used Polar guillotines and second hand paper cutters for sale pressXchange. Most popular used models for sale are the Polar 115ED, Polar 115 EMC, 115 XT and 115 CE cutters. In the smaller format used Polar 92 EMC, 92X, 92EM, 58 EM, 72CE and 78 XS also figure, as do the larger Polar 137 EMC and 155 XT models.

Polar PST


Category: Pile Turners

Machine Specification: POLAR Pressing Sation PSTYear 2002 - Serien-Nr. 72P1001Format min. 500 x 700 mmFormat max. 800 x 1200 mmHeight of ream min. 40 mmHeight of ream max. 140 mmClamping force min. 500 daNClamping force, m...

Category: Pile Turners

Machine Specification: 2002 POLAR PW1 PILE TURNER 640 x 740mm, Compact Unit, Steel Plates G9079