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Category: Palletisers/Bundlers

Machine Specification: 500 x 500mm<> 1.200 bundles/h<> max pallet size 1.000 x 1.200mm<> accumlating roller conveyors<> palletising unit<> interleaving sheet feeder<> pallet feeder<> conveyors

Category: Saddle stitchers

Machine Specification: OMG Sin Cronos streamfeeders for perfect binders and saddle stitchers. 3 on stock available, equipped with OLIMPIC pre-loader. 1 OMG Sin Cronos is equipped with a longer Olimpic pre-loader Automa...

Category: Stackers

Machine Specification: Stacker, speed 40.000 copies/hr, max. size: 300x850mm.

Category: Saddle stitchers

Machine Specification: OMG Valletto universal stacker, which can be positioned behind all folding machines without any mechanical adaptation. - Max speed : > 25.000/h - Min size: 100 mm x 140 mm - Max size: 300 mm x 540 mm...