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Used Bindery and Finishing equipment for sale 

Over 1500 used postpress,  and secondhand bindery and finishing equipment for sale, including used Muller Martini perfect binders, saddle stitchers, gatherer stitchers and stitching lines, second-hand Kolbus perfect binding lines and case makers, and used Wohlenberg and Polar cutters and guillotines. You will also find a good selection of second hand Stahl folders and used MBO folding machines, along with pre-owned Horizon collators and booklet makers and digital finishing equipment available to buy.

Stahl TF 66 4/4

Stahl TF 66 4/4 Year: 1987 FEATURED MACHINE

Category: Folders

Machine Specification: OPTIMATIC Gluing systemNoise hoods1st Unit 4 pockets TF 66/42nd Unit 4 pockets TF 56/4SBP M 46.D upright sheet delivers with pressing stationand connecting boxBuilt 1999No.: 12669-271534

Perfecta SDY EZ


Category: Trimmers (Three Knife)

Machine Specification: We are pleased to offer: Perfecta SDY-EZ, 3 Knife Trimmer. Year 1987. Serial Number: 42446 Minimum cutting size: 110 x 110 mm Maximum cutting size: 250 x 330 mm speed 9 000 pc/h. 3 x set of knive...

Category: Guillotines/Cutters

Machine Specification: 1987 POLAR 155EMC-Monitor AUTOTRIM 155 cm (61") cutting width EMC program with Monitor Chromed main air film table Extra-large side tables with air film AUTOTRIM feature Spare new Rietschle air blo...

Category: Folders

Machine Specification: Flat pile feeder,sound hoods,1st Unit - 4 Buckle Plates,2nd unit - 2 buckle plates,belt delivery

Category: Guillotines/Cutters

Machine Specification: Guillotine Polar Model92 EM Year 1987 Cutting length920 mm DetailsAir table in main Side table left + right with air Photo cells Digital Program EM Availabledirect

Category: Laminators

Machine Specification: Deep Pile Feeder, Laminator, Sheeter, Jogger DeliveryImmediate

Category: Foil Blockers

Machine Specification: Ref:9813 . 1987 P.B & E ‘HK45’ Foil Embossing Machine. Semi automatic hand-fed machine for foil or blind embossing a range of products including book cases, game boards, etc. Especial...

Category: Folders

Machine Specification: Round pile feeder, MBO counter, 4, 6 and 2 pockets with noise hoods, standard delivery.

Category: Guillotines/Cutters

Machine Specification: max. size 80 x 120 cm age 1987 jogger air removing roller clack right and left Please ask for price. We ship and install worldwide!

Category: Laminators

Machine Specification: This machine can run Thermal and Cold FilmComprising of:- Mabeg Stream Feeder + Steel Plate Infeed Feed Board Laminating Unit with Heated Roller Film Unwind Combi Heat Exchanger Automatic Sheet Separ...

Category: Saddle stitchers

Machine Specification: 6 x Feeders 2 x Stitching heads Three Knife trimmer Shingle delivery

Category: Folders - Buckle/Plate

Machine Specification: 16 Page Round Pile Feeder 1st Fold Unit 2st Fold Unit 3rd Fold Unit Sound Hoods Delivery Unit  

Category: Guillotines/Cutters

Machine Specification: this transomat mat is in working condition and can de seen in Kolding Denmark

Category: Perfect Binders and Gatherers

Machine Specification: Perfect Binding Line Wohlenberg Golf 18 Year 1987 - Serial-No. 71928 Gathering machine Wohlenberg ZTM 460 12 Stations book block feeders with handfeeding station Double and missing control Connect...

Category: Guillotines/Cutters

Machine Specification: This lift is in good working condition

Category: Guillotines/Cutters

Machine Specification: programme, air table (stainless), monochrome display, mounted lift on left side, Resopal conveying edge with air on right side, Transomat (unloader) TR 1 ER 145-3 (built in 1989) on right side