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Category: Commercial/Heatset

Number of Units: 4
Web Width: 660 mm
Machine Specification: Zirkon Model Supra 660 4 color Year: 1990 Cutoff: 452mm Max speed: 42.000 p/h (1) Enkel reel stand with reel travers (1) Infeed with web guide control (4) Zirkon printing-units with Baldwin alcohol ...

Category: Web Components

Machine Specification: Original Gammerler Compensating Stacker build in USA by Gammerler US Corp., Rebuild in Mexico by Gammerler Mex Corp. General Description: KL507 Compensating Stacker for all uses in general standard...

Category: Newspaper/Coldset

Number of Units: 5
Cut Off Search Range: Less than 500mm (<20.5")
Web Width: 14
Machine Specification: Diddie Minicom Open Web, Size: 14 x 17″, 5 Colors with Turn bar, Magnetic Die Cut Cylinder, Roll to Sheet Under Power in Southern California