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Used Manroland printing machines

Current models for sale as used machines include the Roland 700 HiPrint, the 700 Evolution and the 700 Direct Drive and 700 HS and 500 and 200H presses.  Most are now equipped with ColorPilot.

There are normally a couple of hundred used Manroland presses available for sale on pressXchange.  Secondhand Manroland 700 4-col R704, 5-col R705, 6-col R706 and 8-colourR708 presses make up nearly half of them, with perfectors and/or coaters on most models.  Used Manroland R705 LV and PLV models are the most popular, with secondhand eight colour Manroland R708P presses not far behind.  In the B2 format used Manroland R500 presses in four and five colour configurations are also well represented, while large format pre-owned Manroland R900 presses are  available.  Reconditioned, overhauled and reconditioned Manroland printing presses can be found on pressXchange from the world’s most reliable dealers.

Category: Newspaper/Coldset

Machine Specification: MAN-ROLAND UNISET 75 16 Tower Press ** Can be sold in the following sections ** 4 towers / 1 folder 6 towers / 1 folder 10 towers / 1 or 2 folders Complete 16 tower / 3 folder press Contact us for ...

Category: Newspaper/Coldset

Machine Specification: 10 (ten) x 4-high Uniset 75 towers, with 3 forme ink rollers 2 x (two) MAN 2:3:3 Jaw Folders, equipped with a upper formers 10 (ten) x CD13D Reelstands Press consoles. Pecom System software Baumeller...

Category: Commercial/Heatset

Number of Units: 6
Cut Off Search Range: 500-600mm (20.5-23.62")
Web Width: 965
Machine Specification: One (1) used, well maintained 1997 Man Roland Rotoman N (23 9/16" / 598 mm x 38"/ 965 mm). This press system consists of six printing units / one web, Meg paster, Tec Phazer 39' dryer, Baldwin pref...