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Used Mitsubishi printing machines/presses for sale

Mitsubishi presses are now sold under the RMGT Ryobi MHI Graphic Technology brand.  On pressXchange there is a full range of used Mitsubishi printing presses for sale, including Diamond D3000, Diamond LS 1000, 3F and 5F models in four (4), five (5) and six (6) colour configurations

Category: Newspaper/Coldset

Machine Specification: Cut off 625mm (1250mm circ), Web width 970mm, MEGTEC DLC 2100 Splicer, 4 - Print Units, Quad/Tech RGS IV Serie X Automatic Registration, Baldwin Blanket Wash Semi Automatic Plate Loading, MEGTEC...

Category: Commercial/Heatset

Machine Specification: Web offset, 4+4 color, Daiyamatic, Ink remote controller, Dryer, Folder, Roll to Sheet cutter, Stacker*1