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Category: Newspaper/Coldset

Machine Specification: Muller Martini Mailroom incorporating a ALPHALINER inserting system:-A very compact Muller Martini Mailroom system including a MM ALPHALINER INSERTER with 3 into 1 capability PLUS main jacket feeder....

Category: Web Components

Number of Units: 3
Web Width: 0.0
Machine Specification: Muller Martini 338 CS 70 (1995-1997) (TWO MACHINES) compensating stackers, 90 degree bend, Staging conveyor ,FJ 80 degree bend, staging conveyor,90 degree bundle turn, Mallis under wrapper,1st Strapp...

Category: Newspaper/Coldset

Machine Specification: - 2 x Mller Martini FlexiRoll available- Decoupling of press and mailroom- Capacity in the mailroom can be used more efficiently to process many jobs- Automatic winding and unwinding and loading of t...