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Used Muller Martini binders


Of the 1500 or so bindery machines listed for sale on pressXchange only one manufacturer hits three digits: used Muller Martini (or Mueller Martini, or Müller Martini – you choose) make up close to 15%.  Founded 70 years ago in Switzerland, Muller Martini now dominates the market – their second hand perfect binders, saddle stitchers, gatherer stitchers and mailroom equipment is renowned for their excellence, reliability and technological innovation.

Secondhand perfect binders range from very simple used Mueller Martini Pony models through to second hand Acoro, Amigo, Bolero and Pantera ranges.  High production used Normbinder, Monostar and Corona binding machines from the 1990s upwards still seem to find a ready market.

Used Muller Martini saddle stitchers for sale include second hand Amrys, Bravo, Presto, Prima models, as well as pre-owned Minuteman, 235, 335, 310 and 315 stitching lines.


Category: Newspaper/Coldset

Machine Specification: Muller Martini Mailroom incorporating a ALPHALINER inserting system:- A very compact Muller Martini Mailroom system including a MM ALPHALINER INSERTER with 3 into 1 capability PLUS main jacket feeder...

Category: Web Components

Number of Units: 2
Web Width: 0.0
Machine Specification: Muller Martini Trimming Line Year 1998 Jogging station 0366-0414-19,MESTI pressing station,1st Trimming station 0441-0400/91.07107, 90 degree bump turn station 0441-0420-09/91.07107, 2nd Trimming sta...

Category: Commercial/Heatset

Number of Units: 1
Web Width: o.o
Machine Specification: Muller Martini ADVANTI 0377-0401 Year 1998 Machine number Board feeder, twin tape dispensers, out feed table, with Palletiser

Category: Stackers for web presses

Number of Units: 1
Web Width: 100mm
Machine Specification: Muller Martini Unwinding – Log System Year circa 1989-90 Machine Number 99.13745 Hours 399 Twin unwind station 35000412, Metsi TAS jogging station, extended bump turn converyor,90 degree bump turn Me...

Category: Stackers for web presses

Number of Units: 3
Web Width: 0.0
Machine Specification: Muller Martini 338 CS 70 (1995-1997) (TWO MACHINES) compensating stackers, 90 degree bend, Staging conveyor ,FJ 80 degree bend, staging conveyor,90 degree bundle turn, Mallis under wrapper,1st Strapp...