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Category: Commercial/Heatset

Number of Units: 6
Cut Off Search Range: Greater than 600mm (>23.62")
Web Width: 838
Machine Specification: GOEBEL OPTIFORMA 840 HEATSET WEB PRESS 6-unit web press Cut-off, variable: 23", 24.75" and 26.25" (584mm, 628mm or 666mm) Web width: 33" (838 mm) Prints 6/0, 5/1, 4/2 or 3/3 ENKEL unwind roll stan, w...

Category: Newspaper/Coldset

Machine Specification: Two printing units 1+1 from web printing machine SOLNA D25,560 mm cut-offWeb width up to 916 mm1 integrated web reel standMaximal working capacity 25000 brochures / hourWater dampeningLever Ink blade...