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PressXchange is the place for used newspaper coldset web offset presses for sale from manufacturers including KBA, MAN, Web Leader, Harris and Goss, including used Community, Uniliner, Universal, Urbanite and Mainstream.  Used heatset commercial web offset presses for magazines include used heatset presses from KBA, Komori, MAN, MAN Roland, Heidelberg/Harris and Hantscho


Category: Commercial/Heatset

Number of Units: 5
Cut Off Search Range: Less than 500mm (<20.5")
Web Width: 838
Machine Specification: Hantscho Mark 16 Location: Our Printing House in Australia Year of Manufacture: 1989 Number of Units: 5 Cut-off: 492.12 mm / 19.37 inches No. of webs: 2 Folde...