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PressXchange is the place for used newspaper coldset web offset presses for sale from manufacturers including KBA, MAN, Web Leader, Harris and Goss, including used Community, Uniliner, Universal, Urbanite and Mainstream.  Used heatset commercial web offset presses for magazines include used heatset presses from KBA, Komori, MAN, MAN Roland, Heidelberg/Harris and Hantscho


Category: Newspaper/Coldset

Machine Specification: 22.75" Cutoff Features: (8) Units with lever ink adjustments and (4) units with ink knob ink adjustments (8) Units motorized lateral and circumferential register and (4) manual register Brush Damp...

Category: Stackers for web presses

Number of Units: 3
Web Width: 0.0
Machine Specification: Muller Martini 338 CS 70 (1995-1997) (TWO MACHINES) compensating stackers, 90 degree bend, Staging conveyor ,FJ 80 degree bend, staging conveyor,90 degree bundle turn, Mallis under wrapper,1st Strapp...

Category: Newspaper/Coldset

Number of Units: 6
Web Width: 18"

Category: Newspaper/Coldset

Machine Specification: SOLNA Disrtributor F36 B The Solna Distributor Concept means flexibility. You can produce a variety of products on uncoated stock in different stock weights. Speed:30,000 i/h cut off: 630 mm Equ...