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PressXchange is the place for used newspaper coldset web offset presses for sale from manufacturers including KBA, MAN, Web Leader, Harris and Goss, including used Community, Uniliner, Universal, Urbanite and Mainstream.  Used heatset commercial web offset presses for magazines include used heatset presses from KBA, Komori, MAN, MAN Roland, Heidelberg/Harris and Hantscho


Category: Web Components

Number of Units: 1
Cut Off Search Range: Greater than 600mm (>23.62")
Web Width: 880
Machine Specification: Ferag UTR Transport system Trimming station SNT-U Year 2002 UTR drop station Jogging conveyor Sebert ICS 98 Compnsating stacker Left - Right handed delivery

Category: Commercial/Heatset

Number of Units: 6
Cut Off Search Range: Greater than 600mm (>23.62")
Web Width: 965mm
Machine Specification: 2002 HEIDELBERG M600 HEATSET COMMERCIAL WEB PRESS Six double offset units Cut-Off: 630 mm Web Width: 965 mm Web Sped: 7,7 meters/second 2 CONTIWEB Automatic Splicer SH4...

Category: Web Components

Machine Specification: Programmable Compensating Stacker Max Product Size 490mm x 330mm Inclined Conveyor Jogging Station Roller Delivery Table