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Used Digital presses for sale  

We have a good selection of used digital printers for sale, including second hand Hewlett Packard (HP) Indigo, Xerox , Heidelberg, Presstek, MGI, Canon and Kodak digital presses available for sale.  These include used large-format and/or high-volume laser and inkjet s. printerdigital printing presses.

Category: Digital - Production

Machine Specification: INDIGO 5000 200723.500 Mil Imp.4+2 colors Printing speed 2000 IPH both side, 2438 x 2438 Dpi in HDI mode, Paper size 330,2 x 482,6 mm Donaldson chillerUnder sevice contract of Indigo IsraeRef 1202

Category: Digital - Production

Machine Specification: HP INDIGO WEB PRINTING MACHINE TYPE 20000 2015Only 10 Mil. Imp.30 wide printer for flexible packaging7 colors +white Maximum press throughput of 147 linear feet per minute, using Enhanced Productivit...