Used Prepress & ImageControl machines

Agfa Acento C85 CTP CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Agfa Acento C85 CTP unit with upgrades and Epson color proofer. s/l 221. RIP version V9.60.1. In the photo the second piece is a processor that is just used to deliver the plate.
Fuji Luxel T-6300 CTP S CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
- SCL SA-L4300 ll - bridge - FujiLuxel 6300 CTPS - non-process plate - internal plate punch - advand PST 260 Stacker - RIP - only 24.648 plate winding cycles
Alpha Xcalibur Platesetter
Category: Platesetter
Alpha Xcalibur VLF Platesetter w/Kodak processor.
BasysPrint  UV setter 851-F CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
BASYSPRINT UV-SETTER 851-F 2010 Max. plate format 940 x 1150 mm, Resolution: 1500 dpi Plates made: 174 068 (12.2019) Machine Hours: 50 626. Remaining Light Source Time: 6137 h One PC f...
Theimer COPYMAT 064 TYP 3160 Copy Frames
Category: Copy Frames
Compact table-top automatic exposing systems THEIMER COPYMAT 064 typ 3160 n°2003010131 of 2003, size 64x75 cm with KR exposure computer, lamp 1000 Watts NOVA 220 Volts single-phase - 5...
Polimero A4 De Luxe Flexo Photopolymer Plate Making
Category: Flexo Photopolymer Plate Making
Vertical photopolymer combi POLIMERO A4 DE LUXE for photopolymer plates up to 220x320 mm (A4), orange model with digital control water washout letterpress platemaking system 10"x12" fl...
CRON TP-3632D CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
CRON TP-3632D (High Speed Thermal CTP System) YEAR CIRCA 2010 (serial no CT010P611156Z) MANUAL LOADER # HARLEQUIN RIP # 32 DIODES (all diodes are in excellent condition) UP TO 26 PLATE...
Screen PlateRite 4300S CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Screen PT-R4300S, 10/2013 manual loading 32 diodes to expose thermal metal plates up to 21 plates/h in SM74-Format only 22.769 plates exposed, only 897 exposing hours FUJI XMF-RIP, plat...
Heidelberg Suprasetter A 105 CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Single Cassette Loader (SCL), Productivity option = 12 plates/h with max. format), Plate conveyor system STA13130 CTP S/N 1041
Fuji Luxel T-9800 CTP E CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
2007 - Fujifilm Luxel T-9800 CTP E Screen PT-R8800III - ref.: 1003692 CTP Type (Screen PT-R8800III) Plate developer Plate type (Thermal) Fujifilm Luxel T-9000 MLIII Multi-Autoloader...
CTP machine Danippon Screen model PT-R8000 II CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
We have for sale very nice CTP machine Danippon Screen model PT-R8000 II SCREEN PT-R 8000 II technical details : Max.plate size 790x1030 mm; 64x88 mm; 500x700 mm Min. plate size 370x...
Category: CTP-Systems
Agfa Xcalibur 45 S Age 2003 Plate size max. 1160x820 mm Plate size min. 450x250 mm Resolutions 1200 +2400 dpi Plate thickness 0.15 - to 0.40 mm Working hours of laser head only12.8...
2006 Heidelberg Suprasetter 74 CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Heidelberg Suprasetter 74 + Autoloader + GlunzJensen MP68 + stacker. All in very good condition.
Heidelberg Topsetter-74 CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Heidelberg Topsetter 74 PT-R 4000 Year 2001 Autoloader Year 2002 Platestacker Metadimensions RIP 32 Laserdiodes - 830 nm - Thermal-CTP completely overhauled Min....
Screen PlateRite 4300E CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Screen/Fuji PTR 4300E SAL Year 2008 Platecounter approx. 138800 Single Autoloader 1 cassette, SAL L100 year 2007 Automatic interleave (paper) removal, Stacker PST
Agfa Avalon N8-22 + SCREEN PT-R86005 CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
2010 AGFA AVALON N8-22 SCREEN PT-R86005 Total operate hour: 13980 Real work time: 4977 Exposure time: 2614 Plate : 71567
BasysPrint UV setter 57F CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
-Year 2003 -Exposure procedure: Digital Screen Imaging (DSI) using UV-Light -Wave length range :360 nm–450 nm -Materials: UV photo sensitive materials -Conventional offset printing pla...
Agfa ACENTO II S CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
2007-model Agfa ACENTO II S Format: 830 mm. x 660 mm. Condition: Good Description: Total number of plates exposed: 59.629 Plate winding cycles: 15.530 (max before change: 20.000)...
Heidelberg Suprasetter 75 DTL CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
max. size 60,50 x 74,50 cm age 2016 CTP system for thermal plates DTL - Dual Top Loader for plate size 52 and 75 inline punching system HD / Bacher 425 mm Prinect Shooter Workstation d...
Heidelberg Plate Punch SM 102 / XL 105 Plate puncher/bender
Category: Plate puncher/bender
2007 - Heidelberg Plate Punch (Ref.No. 1002923)
Agfa Galileo Platesetter CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
The machine is manufactured in the month of february 1998 and was installed in one of Copenhagen/Denmarks leading PrePres companies (a subsuplier to our company), at may 1998, and it has bee...
Agfa Elantrix SX95 CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
AGFA Elantrix SX95, 2010 plate processor for thermal metal plates second brush online model, 95 cm input width, incl. chiller cleaned, tested plate stacker on request All offers subjec...
Heidelberg/Screen Topsetter 102PF/PT-R8600 CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
HD-Topsetter 102PF (PT-R8600), first installed 2002 SA-L Single Autoloader 64 diodes to expose thermal metal plates approx. only 98.000 plates exposed, up to 20 plates/h, conveyor & pla...