Used Prepress & ImageControl machines

Category: CTP-Systems
Agfa Elantrix - plate processor Model: 95SX Age: 2012 Glunz & Jenson plate stacking unit Model: SYS.STAC.85/105 Age: 2008 Muliticasette loader (2009) - handling plates for XL105 (780mm...
KODAK Magnus 400 11 Quantum Platesetter CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
38 plates per hour Low useage Continuous loading Multi cassettes for 52/ 74 sizes Automatic punching Kodak Prinergy Workflow PST 260 kicker delivery
Heidelberg Suprasetter CTP H105MCL CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
For Thermal Plates 30 Plates per hour 6 laser Modules 100mW Fully Automated Loading (Multi Cassette Loader) 4 sizes of Cassettes 52/75/102/105 Internal Punches Automatically Debr...
Heidelberg Suprasetter A52/A74 CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Heidelberg Supersetter A74-ATL, 2007 Autoloader, online bridge 1 head, 64 diodes/class 160 mW GEN III to expose thermal metal plates approx. 55.000 plates exposed Prinect MetaDimen...
2012  Fuji Luxel V6 CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Machine was bought by a security printing press, but they changed mind to go for 8 up machine. Installed in our press only in March 2017 as brand new machine. Machine is in mint condition....
Heidelberg Plate Punch SM 102 / XL 105 Plate puncher/bender
Category: Plate puncher/bender
2007 - Heidelberg Plate Punch (Ref.No. 1002923)
FUJI LUXEL 9500 S CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Thermal CtP system 64 Diodes Imaging size max 1160 x 916mm Min plate sizze 450 x 370mm Bridge Online Processor Speed up to 20 plates / hr ( 2400 dpi ), B1 Format Fuj RIP 15, XMF workf...
Agfa Avalon N36 -50S CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Year of construction 2011 Max. Plate size 2,100 x 1,600 mm Min. Plate size 650 x 550 mm Total printing plates about 40,000 only !!! Total exposure time 1,410 hours only !!! Consisting...
Heidelberg Suprasetter A75 Gen. III with ATL CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Heidelberg Suprasetter A75 Gen. III year 2011 64 diodes 15 plates/h sum of exposure time 2600 h total plate count 112000 laser imaging time 2600 h automatic plate loader ATL puncher...
Kodak Magnus 800 S CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Kodak Magnus 800 S, under Kodak Gold service contract. 830 nm fully automatic thermal imaging platesetter Manufacturer: KodakModel: Magnus 800 S Year: 2006 SCU cassette /100 plate/ cassette...
Creo Trendsetter 3244AL CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Trendsetter 3244 AL build in 2000 20mW Laser with 2380 laser hour s plate unwinding 221029 with 85 plate processor and stacker 1 bit tiffshooter installt on PC installation world wide possi...
Heidelberg Suprasetter Dual-ATL CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Heidelberg Supersetter A75-ATL GEN V, 2017 Dual-ATL Auto Toploader online bridge to plate stacker internal Bacher 425 mm punch 1 laser module, 64 diodes/class 160 mW, 2.540 dpi to expos...
G & J Quartz 85III (FLHZ) Plate Processors
Category: Plate Processors
Glunz & Jensen Quartz 85III, from 2008 plate processor for thermal metal plates online model, 85 cm input width cleaned, refurbished & checked
G & J Raptor 85T (MP85) Plate Processors
Category: Plate Processors
Glunz & Jensen RAPTOR 85T (MP85), from 2006 plate processor for thermal metal plates online model, 85 cm input width cleaned, refurbished & checked
2006  Du Pont procesor 2000P Flexo Photopolymer Plate Making
Category: Flexo Photopolymer Plate Making
Flexo plate making procesor made by Schwan, Germany. Max plate size 1060 × 1524mm. In operatin. Posible to see in Ljubljana, Slovenia
HEIDELBERG Suprasetter 105/21 PPH CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems 2 laser heads, SCL Loader, UPG Puch head conf. HD + Bacher, Mkit MetaShooter 3.5 INT, Compressor SF2FF-10 400/50/3, Mkit Prinect License Server Dongle 4.3, ADAPTEC BUS PCI 64BIT ASC2932...
Fuji V9600 CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Fuji V9600 CTP with OLP and RIP age 3/2004. machine nr V8A12NHBAM527 High quality B1 violet photopolymer platesetter available as a fully automatic machine with up to 5 cassettes online hold...
Agfa Galileo Platesetter CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
The machine is manufactured in the month of february 1998 and was installed in one of Copenhagen/Denmarks leading PrePres companies (a subsuplier to our company), at may 1998, and it has bee...
Heidelberg Suprasetter E 105 SCL CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
up to 14 plates / hour plate stacker PST 36L Single Cassette Loader SCL from 2006
XPose! 160/32 UV  VLF CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Fully refurbished. On manufactures maintenance at all time
XPose! 130/64 Thermal CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Fully refurbished and in top condition.
XPose! 230/96 UV CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
-High Speed UV CtP -Fully refurbished -Was at all time on manufactures service agreement