Used Prepress & ImageControl machines

Screen 2055VI CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Screen 2055VI, Year 2009, complete with Heights Blue Amber 62 Plate Processor
Screen/AGFA PT-R8600S/Avalon N8-20 CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
AGFA Avalon N8-20 (Screen PT-R8600S) from 2009 manual loading 64 diodes to expose thermal metal plates up to 21 plates/h in B1 format approx. 147.000 plates exposed online bridge to AGF...
Luesher XPose! XPose! 260/64 WLF Thermal CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Fully tested and refurbished machine therefore of highest quality
Category: CTP-Systems
SUPRASETTER A52 (THERMAL) Recording System: External Drum Glunz & Jensen C 85: Gum-Station PST 26 Plate Stacker Throughput option (plates/h in max. format) : 17/22 Plates / Hour Machi...
Screen PT-4300E  - Agfa Azura C95 CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Machine is in good running condition it is Screen PT-4300E inside build by screen The machine is running with Software Apogee Prepress Manager System v1.41.6 and Kodak Preps 5.3.1....
IMAF DLF 86 is a washing / gumming unit for the new digital thermal plates  Plate Processors
Category: Plate Processors
This machine is not used it is new it is is a washing / gumming unit for the new digital thermal non- ablative plates, chemical agents free, AZURA and PROXIMA.
Heidelberg Suprasetter A 75 CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Heidelberg A 75 Year 2009 Fully automatic production with Multi Cassette Loader 2008 Complete Heidelberg workflow Min size, 370 x 323 mm Max size, 688 x 750 m...
Luscher Thermal/Flexo Hybrid 2000/4000/8000DPI CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
System comprises of 1 x Luescher Xpose 230 Hybrid (Thermal and Flexographic plates) The machine is populated with 64 Diodes.32 Flexo diodes at 940nm,32 Thermal diodes at 830nm for Thermal of...
XPose! 230/64 UV CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
-High Speed UV CtP -Fully refurbished -Was at all time on manufactures service agreement