Used Prepress & ImageControl machines

2006  Du Pont procesor 2000P Flexo Photopolymer Plate Making
Category: Flexo Photopolymer Plate Making
Flexo plate making procesor made by Schwan, Germany. Max plate size 1060 × 1524mm. In operatin. Posible to see in Ljubljana, Slovenia
HEIDELBERG Suprasetter 105/21 PPH CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems 2 laser heads, SCL Loader, UPG Puch head conf. HD + Bacher, Mkit MetaShooter 3.5 INT, Compressor SF2FF-10 400/50/3, Mkit Prinect License Server Dongle 4.3, ADAPTEC BUS PCI 64BIT ASC2932...
Fuji V9600 CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Fuji V9600 CTP with OLP and RIP age 3/2004. machine nr V8A12NHBAM527 High quality B1 violet photopolymer platesetter available as a fully automatic machine with up to 5 cassettes online hold...
Agfa Galileo Platesetter CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
The machine is manufactured in the month of february 1998 and was installed in one of Copenhagen/Denmarks leading PrePres companies (a subsuplier to our company), at may 1998, and it has bee...
Heidelberg Suprasetter E 105 SCL CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
up to 14 plates / hour plate stacker PST 36L Single Cassette Loader SCL from 2006
XPose! 160/32 UV  VLF CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Fully refurbished. On manufactures maintenance at all time
XPose! 130/64 Thermal CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Fully refurbished and in top condition.
XPose! 230/96 UV CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
-High Speed UV CtP -Fully refurbished -Was at all time on manufactures service agreement
XPose! 130/32 Thermal  CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
High quality XPose! 130/32 Thermal fully refurbished and ready for shipment.
Heidelberg Suprasetter 74 CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
We have in stock a fully refurbished Suprasetter 74S Manual Heidelberg CtP with outstanding specifications and having been used in Switzerland: Suprasetter 74S Heidelberg Build Ye...
Luescher XPose! 260/128 UV Ferrari Red CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
This is a very high speed VLF machine with 128 high speed diodes. Equipment will be fully cleaned,Refurbished and Tested before shipment.
Luescher XPose! 130/64 UV Ferrari Red CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
This equipment is rare since it is of very high standard and fully refurbished. It is in the Ferrari Red colour scheme.
Heidelberg Suprasetter S 74 CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Heidelberg Suprasetter S 74 - CTP line year 2007 19 pph 2540 dpi about 144.000 plates about 6.200 hours exposure time connection kit OLP computer (no MetaShooter) plate processor Rap...
Heidelberg Topsetter P 102 - thermaL ctp CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Heidelberg Topsetter P 102 - thermal CTP 32 diodes only about 35.000 exposed plates Signa software and RIP very good condition
CTP Screen Plate Rite PT-R 4300 E CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Screen Plate Rite PT-R 4300 E - thermal CTP year 2006 16 diodes about 12.700 h Screen HQ 510 PC RIP V 7.2 Harlequin PC Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 plate processor...
CTP Screen PlateRite PT-R 8300 E CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Screen PlateRite PT-R 8300 E 8 plates/h exposure time approx. 7.700 h Glunz & Jensen Raptor 85 Thermal year 2010 plate stacker PC Dell PowerEdge T300, 4GB RAM ECC, processor Xeon X547...
ECRM Mako 4matic CTP CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Automatic loader Internal punch 425mm (SM52, SM 74, GTO52, Ryobi 5xx) Max. plate size: 636,9mm x 929,1 mm Min plate size: 328,9 mm x 287,6 mm Plate thickness: 0,15 - 0,35 mm Inca plate...
Heidelberg Suppersetter A52/A75 CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
With Prinect MetaDimension 2017, Prinect Signa 2017, Cassette capacity: 100 Plates (0.15mm) or 50 Plates (0.30mm), Integrated Punching, DTL (Dual Top Loader), Glunz & Jensen Wash Out Unit, A...
Screen Platerite 4300E CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Screen PlateRite 4300E Age 2007, 100 Plate Single Cassette Autoloader, Plate count 51898, Clamp count 13498, Trueflow Equiosnet 2006 rip, version 7.30 332-1
Screen 2055VI CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
Screen 2055VI, Year 2009, complete with Heights Blue Amber 62 Plate Processor
ECRM Mako 4 CTP-Systems
Category: CTP-Systems
ECRM Mako 4 CTP System Heights Blue Amber 85 Plate Processor RIP on PC Platform
Screen Tanto 5120 Imagesetters
Category: Imagesetters
Screen Tanto 5120 Imagesetter Online Film Processor Mac RIP