Used Sanjo labels and forms machines

Category: Labels and Forms
Unwind Splice Table Web Guide 6 Units on CI Drum 2 Satellite Unit (For Reverse Print) Flat Bed Die Rotary Die Cutting Waste Matrix Rewind Product Rewind Unit
Sanjo PO3-270 5FBF Labels and Forms
Category: Labels and Forms
Semi Rotary Waterless Offset Label Press PO3-270-5FBF Unwind with Splice 5 Print Units + UV varnish Full UV Drying Maximum print area 270mm x 275mm Min size: 270mm x 90 mm Flat bed die cu...
SANJO   P25 6C Labels and Forms
Category: Labels and Forms
Max Web width 270mm Unwind Unit with Splice Table Web Guide Tension Control Unit Central Impression Cylinder 8 Print Units; 7 x Letterpress Units 1 x Flexo Varnish Unit Reve...