Used rewinder machines

Omega Digicon 330 Rewinder
Category: Rewinder
We are pleased to offer: Digicon Omega 330 Year 2007 Max Speed Rating (Impressions or metres / Hr) 30mtr/min Web repeat range (Max / Min) 330mm/150mm Number of Colour printing units &...
OMM Foil Rewinder Rewinder
Category: Rewinder
We are pleased to offer: OMM Foil reminder Year 1998 "Six stations traverse rewind machine made by O.M.M. Italy made in1998" it will take one roll of foil ( 300-500kg rolls) and slit it...
Double-shaft film slitter-rewinders Kampf StarSlit 14/06 Rewinder
Category: Rewinder
Working Width: max 1450 mm, min. 300 mm Parent Roll Diameter: 1000 mm Final Roll Diameter: 610 mm Speed: 600 m/min Slitting system: razor blade cut/shear cut Slitting Width (min): 25...
PSA Germany Slitter Rewinder Paperslit 2200/12/6 Auto Rewinder
Category: Rewinder
PSA Paperslit 2200/12/6 Auto SLITTER REWINDER Year: 2011 incl. Lifting table Original area of application: Cutting of plastic films Original rolls: Width max. 2200mm min. 1000 mm...
Double-shaft film slitter-rewinder  Kampf Conslit 16/06 Rewinder
Category: Rewinder
Working Width: 1650 mm Parent Roll Diameter: 1300 mm Parent roll cores 76 and 152 mm Maximum core length:1800 mm Minimum core length:500 mm Finished roll diameter: 610 mm Finished rol...
Category: Rewinder
MENZEL-RE-ROLING-MACHINE 8/2019 Paper-width= 1400 mm Reel-width = 1600 mm reel-diameter in de- / up-winding = 400 mm Speed = 30 mtr/min