Coldset web offset and Newspaper presses.

PressXchange is the place for used newspaper coldset web offset presses for sale.  The most popular manufacturer is Goss, with a selection of Goss Community, Universal, Uniliner, Urbanite and Mainstream coldest newspaper presses.  Others include MAN/Manroland (Colorman, Cromoman) KBA (Comet), Solna,  Web Leader, Wifag, King, Harris and Tensor newspaper presses

Harris V25 Cold Set
Category: Cold Set
Harris V 25 Coldset Press Web width : 860mm 546mm / 21.5" cut-off Folders (book folds) Max mechanical speed:26.000 cylinder revs/hour Power supply: 400 v,3 ph,50 Hz. 4 print units...
Quad-Stack newspaper 4-high tower  Cold Set
Category: Cold Set
22 3/4" (578mm) cutoff • stainless steel cylinders, motorized brush dampening, pneumatic throw offs, running circumferential register & skewing adjustment for plate cylinders, narrow gap sl...
Category: Cold Set
Cut-off : 578,5 mm Max.width: 1700 mm Max. page tabloid form: 425 mm x 289,25 mm Max. speed: 80.000 ex/h MPC Omnicon Control system JF225 REC III MODUL 5 x Goss Contiweb FD 5 Hightow...
Miracle 1500 Cold Set
Category: Cold Set
5 unit, 22.75 inch cut off Web Press. Coldset press with motorized running circumference on all units top and bottom controlled from the units. Harris JF10 folder with quarter fold and...
Category: Cold Set
GOSS COMMUNITY BOOK PRESS 578mm Cut Off, Festoon Reelstand, 4 High Tower, Pneumatic Carton, Water Recirculator, SCS Folder with Quarter Fold, Fully Cleaned & Repainted G10223