Used Web machines

Category: Stackers
Size: max 315 mm x 430 mm min 150 mm x 210 mm Refurbished in 2017 Nearly horizontal infeed
RS133/530 & RS134/530 Web Components
Category: Web Components
Complete trimming line consisting of bump-turn, infeed unit, two trimming units with segmented knives, stacker overhauled in 2017 Gammerler RS134/530 also available.
1999  Drent Vision 520 Labels and Forms
Category: Labels and Forms
1999 Drent Vision 20.5 (520mm)Width (10) Unit Variable Cutoff UV Press Cutoff : 22" ( 560mm) cutoff & 17" (432mm)Press line configuration (All components listed included as press package) •...
Rima RS 3111 SL Stackers
Category: Stackers
Rima RS 3111 SL (1999), infeed station with jogging belts, pressing station with non-marking belts, incline conveyor, alignment chamber, movable central control panel, outfeed table with air...
CODIMAG   VIVA 340 Labels and Forms
Category: Labels and Forms
Unwind, Splice Table, Corona Treater, 5 x Letterpress Print Units + Flexo Print Unit, Flexo Print Unit for Varnish or Lamination, 6 x IST UV Dryers, Die Cut Units, Waste Matrix...
Focus F250 Labels and Forms
Category: Labels and Forms
FOCUS F250 Age: 1999 Unwind Web Guide Splice Table 5 x Flexo Print Units 2 x Rotary Die Stations Hot Air Drying Waste Rewind Product Rewind
Manroland Rotoman N 6 Unit Heatset
Category: Heatset
Cutoff 23 9/16" (598.5 mm) Width 38" (965 mm) Features: - Rotoman N Combination Folder - GMI Closed Loop color - 4/8 Page Module - Vits Rotocut S sheeter Specifications: - (1) Co...
Muller Martini A68 10 Color UV Press Labels and Forms
Category: Labels and Forms
Butler Splicer Infeed w/ QuadTech Web Guide & web cleaner 10 Variable Offset Printing Units – 22” & 28” Print Inserts Turn Bars for 10/0, 8/2, 7/3, 6/4, 5/5 Prime UV – 10 Station Binder...
Manroland Cromoman 50 Newspaper
Category: Newspaper
CROMOMAN 50 HYDRID PRESS Country of origin Germany Production speed coldset 50,000 r.p.h ( 1st cross fold) 45,000 r.p.h ( 2nd longitudial fold-quarter fold)...
GOSS   UNIVERSAL 50 Newspaper
Category: Newspaper
8 - MEG DLP1000 Reelstands 8 - 4 High Towers Goss Remote Ink Keys Baldwin Spray Bar Dampening QI Register Control System Remote Register from Central Console...
ARSOMA   EM 280 Labels and Forms
Category: Labels and Forms
Unwind Unit with Pneumaic Lift Splice Table BST Web Guide BG32 Unwind Unit 4 Flexo Print Units Full UV Drying Rotary Die Station Slitting Unit Waste Matrix Rewind Product...