Used Web machines

Category: Rewinder
MENZEL-RE-ROLING-MACHINE 8/2019 Paper-width= 1400 mm Reel-width = 1600 mm reel-diameter in de- / up-winding = 400 mm Speed = 30 mtr/min
GOSS   SUNDAY 2000 Newspaper
Category: Newspaper
2 - Contiweb 10.5-1460 Automatic Splicer with integrated Infeeds and Tension Control QTI Web Guides 4 x 4 Stacked Duplex Print Units Duotrol Dampening Omnicom Press Controls Se...
DGM 430 newspaper press  Newspaper
Category: Newspaper
Two (578mm) DGM 430 towers (year: 2003) - pneumatics, lever ink fountains, on the nose plate cylinders, T-bar blanket cylinders, brush dampening, motorized compens...