Used Web machines

Goss Community SSC Newspaper
Category: Newspaper
21.5" (546mm) Cutoff 25.5" (648mm) Web Width Roll Stands (1) Four-high Unit (3) Two-high Units (2) Roll stands (1) SSC Folder
Compensating Stackers various types  Stackers
Category: Stackers
Manufactured by Gammerler Germany Complete Rebuild by Gammerler in Mexico At Gammerler remanufacturing is understood as on new machines, High Quality commitment ! Fully rebuild, 12...
Goss Goss Universal 50 Cold Set
Category: Cold Set
A Goss Universal 50 press. 578mm - 22 3/4" cut-off. New 2004. 9 x 4-high towers; 9 MEG-tec DLP 1000 reelstands; shaftless towers with digital inking, motorised circumfrential and lateral...
GOSS   UNIVERSAL 50 Newspaper
Category: Newspaper
9 - MEGTEC DLP 1000 Autopasters situated 90 degree angle to the press 9 - Goss Universal 50 4 High shaftless Printing Towers Goss Digital Inking System Motorised circumferential...
Quad-Stack two tower newspaper press  Newspaper
Category: Newspaper
22 3/4" (578mm) cutoff x 36" (914mm) width • 2 towers - pneumatics, motorized brush dampening, slot plate cylinders, T-bar blanket cylinders, EPG remote inking from console, double oscilla...
Edale Beta 250 Labels and Forms
Category: Labels and Forms
Edale Beta 260, web width 260mm, unwind, splice table, web guide, 7 x print units, 7 x IR dryers, 3 x die slots, waste matrix rewind, single product rewind, video inspectio...
Heidelberg-Harris M 600 A-24 (630) Heatset
Category: Heatset
Cut-off: 630 mm Max. web width: 965 mm Pages: 16 Printing unit(s): 4 Infeed: 1 Contiweb SH40-CI-C20 with integrated infeed and web-guide Folder(s): 1 Dryer(s): Contiweb Ecotherm 75-102...
CODIMAG   VIVA 340 Labels and Forms
Category: Labels and Forms
Semi Rotary Waterless Offset Press Screen | 5 x Offset | Flexo Varnish Max Web Width 340mm Max/Min Repeat Length 150mm/6" up to 305mm/12" Unwind Unit Splice Table Web Guide St...
M600 A24 (4) Unit W/ Autoplate Heatset
Category: Heatset
577.85mm 965mm (W) JF44 Folder Autoplate Omnicolor WPC CCR GWF Coater Gammerler Stacker
VITS   ROTOCUT QRO HS Web Components
Category: Web Components
High Speed Sheeter Servo Drive Non-Stop Delivery