Used 7 colour sheet fed machines

Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 75-7+LX (F) Anicolor Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Prinect Press Center (with UPS) Preset Plus feeder (Non-Stop with Preloading device attached) Intercom to delivery, Pull lay control Double sheet detector – pulling device Ultrasonic dou...
KBA Rapida 105 - 7 + LX CX 2008 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
KBA Rapida 105-7+L CX PWVA Elevated machine (450 mm) Year : 2008 P 40 series CX package up to 1,2 mm Additional package for thin papers (from 40 g/m2) Impr. 300 mil Densitronic-S E...
KBA RA 130A 7+LV Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Colortronic CX package Non-Stop feeder Suction feeder table Steel plate in feeder Straight machine Universal model SAPC semi automatic plate change Varidamp dampening Ink tem...
KBA Rapida 185-7+L+T+T+L+T CX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
CX Version For Board Colortronic Professional Densatronic Sheet Scanning Console Feeder & Delivery with Logistics Handling System interdeck UV drying Full APC Varidamp Technotrans ref...