Used 7 colour sheet fed machines

Komori LS740P+CX - Hybrid UV Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
28 x 40 inch seven-color format Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery Tresu Anilox coating system with chambered doctor blade 2/5 or 7/0 convertible perfector PQC console for ink...
Heidelberg CD 102 7+LX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Year 1994 Size 28X40 Autoplate PRESET Seven color straight Ink Centriral Cartage New Chiller Unit Tank Infrared Dryer Ink Dispensers Extended Delivery Scanning Densitometer All...
KBA    1998   142 7 LTL ALV PWHA - CX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Colortronic Console, VariDamping, CX Package, Recirculation Unit, Semi Automatic Plate Change, Preset, Auto Blanket Wash, 8th Unit Tower Coater equiiped with Anilox, 9th D...
Man Roland R307 ML Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Press can run (7/0 or 1/6) Sheet Size B2- 29 x 20in or 53 x 74cm 15,000 sheets/hour Semi-Automatic Plate Changers Roller Washers Blanket Washers Tri-Service Recircs. Chilled Vibrato...
KBA Rapida 145-7+L HS CX ALV3 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
HS - High Speed Package 17.000 sh/h <> Raised press 420 mm <> CX" equipment (additional equipment for cardboard in delivery, sheet guide and control of cardboard sheet travel) <> Feeder for...
Heidelberg CD 102 7 L Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Year 1998 - Impress.Counter 130 millions - Complete of: Coater with Tresu and Anilox roller - Coating unit - Atlas copco compressor - AirStar Cabinet ( Air cooled ) - CP-Tronic self diagnos...
Komori L-740+C Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Komorimatic Alcohol Dampening PQC Console Quick Action Clamp Powder Spray Chromed Impression Cylinders Rreloader IR Dryer Coater working normally Damage free on gears Non-stop feed...
Komori L740+C Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
PQC, Quick Clamp, Chrome Imp Cylinder, Tower Coater, IR Dryer
Heidelberg CD 74-7P+L Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
2005 Heidelberg CD74-7P3+L-F CP2000 Console with Axis Control Perfector 2/5 in good working condition Technotrans Beta C combination unit Chilled Vibrator Rollers AirStar Drystar 2000...
Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 75-7+LX (F) Anicolor Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Prinect Press Center (with UPS) Preset Plus feeder (Non-Stop with Preloading device attached) Intercom to delivery, Pull lay control Double sheet detector – pulling device Ultrasonic dou...
KBA Rapida 105 - 7 + LX CX 2008 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
KBA Rapida 105-7+L CX PWVA Elevated machine (450 mm) Year : 2008 P 40 series CX package up to 1,2 mm Additional package for thin papers (from 40 g/m2) Impr. 300 mil Densitronic-S E...

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