Used Hamada sheet fed machines

Hamada B452 Mark II Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Impression - about 17 mio; Max sheet size - 520x365mm; Min sheet size - 257x182mm; Sheet thickness - 0.04-0.35mm; CIP3 + PC; Console - ink control; EPS system; IPA - alcohol meter /...
Hamada B452A-1 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Max. paper format 520 x 365 mm Max. printing format 505 x 350 mm Thickness sheet - 0.04-0.3 mm Plates - 510 x 400 x 0,2 mm Alcohol dampening - Hamada Cntinous Dampening System Technotr...
HAMADA H234 A Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Max sheet size 340 x 450 mm ALCOHOL DAMPENING with chiller Only 10,4 mill. Impressions AUTO PLATE Automatic wash up device for blanket cylinders Powder spray Complete with compressor...
Hamada 555 CDA Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
max. size 30 x 43 cm age unknown single sheet feeder CRESTLINE film dampenings dry sprayer shown totalizer: approx. 13 mill. impressions Please ask for price. We ship and install...