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Used Komori printing machines


Komori began to make inroads in the European and US markets in the early 1970s with the introduction of the Sprint 25, Sprint 26 and then Sprint 28 range of single, two and four colour presses.  Its SRA2/25” Sprint models made their way to Europe in the early 1970s, starting with the Sprint 25 range (S225, S425) Sprint S 26 (S226, S426) and the Sprint 28 (S 228, S 428 and S 528) press.  Entry into the more prestigious, high quality end of the market came with the Komori  Lithrone range some years later, allowing the company to introduce refinements like Komorimatic damping,  SAPC semi-automatic plate changing, and PQC print quality control.  On the second hand market the B1/28” Komori Lithrone 28 is very popular on pressXchange, primarily used Lithrone L428, L528 and L628.   But there are even more second hand B1/40” Lithrones 40, with used L-40, LS-40 and GL-40 presses.   Pre-owned 4 colour Komori LS 440, LS and GL 540 five color and 6 colour  Lithrone L 640+C are particularly sought after.

Today used Komori Spica 26 and 29 models are popular, as are secondhand Enthrone 26 and 29 presses.  

Komori A 437 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
2017 KOMORI LITHRONE A437 Four colour offset press Sped 13,000 sph Thickness .06mm PQC-S remote controls High speed start up Self diagnostic SAPC Optical plate punch Transfer cyl...
Komori  GL 840P HUV Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Komorimatic with Technotrans Beta C, PQC, PDC-SX, AAPC (simultaneous plate change), KID, ink temperature, PQA: Print Quality Asset System (after unit 4 and after unit 8), HUV (1 HUV lamp af...
Komori GL540 + Coater Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Format Five color forty inch plus tower coater and extended delivery 300mm / 12” raise kit Features PDC-SX closed loop printing density control with spectrophotometer and interface wit...
 Komori  Lithrone GL840P Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
FAPC Paper Thickness Preset Air Preset KID Mega screen Smart Sequence KHS-AI PQC - Print Quality Control PDC-SX High Speed Start Up Komorimatic Delta Dampening Technotrans Refrige...
KOMORI GL840P + Coater Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Eight color 28 x 40 with perfector (8/0, 4/4) PDC-SX spectrophotometer and interface with Pre-inking H-UV (2 lamp system) KHS-AI Advanced Interface pre-inking system Komorimatic II Dam...
 Komori  GL 429 HUV Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
SAPC - Semi Automatic Plate Changing Paper Thickness Preset Paper Size Preset KID Mega screen PQC - Print Quality Control PDC-S - Print Density Control - Spectrophotometer KHS-AI KMS...
 Komori  Lithrone GL540+C Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
FAPC (Fully Automatic Plate Change) AMR - Automatic Make Ready Paper Size & Thickness Presets PQC-S PDC SX Automatic Register & Spectrophotometry KHS-AI KID Mega screen Komorimatic...
 Komori  Lithrone GL537+C Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
APC AMR - Automatic Make Ready KHS-AI KID Mega screen PQC IV PDC-SX Komorimatic Dampening Ink Temperature Control Technotrans Beta.c Combi Unit Auto Washes Auto Ink Roller Wash A...
Komori Lithrone GL440+C Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Komori GL-440-LX ,Year: 03/2016 format: 720x1030 ,4 colors equipped: - type: GL-440-C - Spectrometer - APL/APC: automatic plate change - KHS I color matching system - PQC print quali...
Komori GL 540+CX - H-UV  Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery Anilox coating system with chambered doctor blade Hybrid press H-UV in end-of-press F-APC - Fully-automatic plate changing PQC-S console...
Komori GL-440+Coater Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
PQC Console Wallscreen PDCSX Automatic Colour Control Full APC Technotrans refrigeration Ink Temperature Control Auto Ink roller wash Auto Blanket Wash Auto Impression Cylinder Wash...
Komori Lithrone GL 840 P (H) H-UV  Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Komori GL 840 P (H) H-UV Year 2014 PQC off press controls (with USB CF media input) High speed startup PDC -SX - closed loop print density control (integrated type) KID (Komori interfac...