Heidelberg offset including Speedmaster CD, XL, and CS models


The original Heidelberg tiegel seems a long way from today’s Prinect and Wallscreen models and the Speedmaster SX, XL and CD Models that use it, but the story in between is one of steady growth. 

The introduction of the Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74 and the SM 102ZP perfector in 1974 and the MO range shortly after ensured Heidleberg stayed at the forefront with improvement of its perfecting systems, the introduction of CPC computer controls, autoplate, auto-washes, Alcolor damping and coating systems.  

There are currently more than 800 used, reconditioned or refurbished Heidelberg presses on pressXchange, with secondhand  Heidelberg GTO 2, 4 and 5 colours in the lead, closely followed by used Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 52SM 74 and in the larger format second hand Heidelberg SM 102 and CD 102 8, 10 and 12 color presses not far behind.  There are a growing number of pre-owned Speedmaster SM XL 105 and SM XL 75 offsets appearing as these great machines in current production come onto the second hand printing machinery market.

Heidelberg CD 102-6+LYL Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
6 color plust Aqueous coater then dryer then UV Coater 2 ir dryer cassettes with 2 lamps each One after aq dryer one in delivery. Grafix UV Dryer CPC 1.04 Console Aclolor Vario Damps P...
Heidelberg SM74-4P Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
1994 SM74-4P 92 million impressions Alcolor Autoplate CPC1.03 CP Tronix Graphix Alphatronix 2000 sprayer No dryer Perfector switches over fine No register issues No damage to cylin...
Heidelberg CD 74-4+L Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Standard equipment, Alcolor, Autoplate, Prinect Axis, control, CP2000, auto washers for blanket impression cyinder and rollers, Ink unit temp control, air cooled cabinets, Coater tower, Stat...
Category: Sheet Fed
Max Speed: 15,000 iph Max Sheet Size: 720 x 1020 mm Autoplate & Preset CPC 1-04 with CP Tronic Alcolor Damoening Technotrans Refrigeration & Recirculation Unit Automatic Wash...
Heidelberg SORD Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
HEIDELBERG SORD Year : 1987 Size : 25x36 Inch Water Dampening Signal Color Press Serial Number : 524**
Heidelberg SM 52-2+ Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Heidelberg SM 52-2 , Year 1997 37x52 - 2 Colors - ca 126 mio impressions Equipped with: . CP Tronic . Autoplate (Semi-Automatic Plate Change) . Preset (Paper Size Setting)...
Heidelberg KORD 64 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
offset HEIDELBERG KORD 64 of 1979 n°356.033, 46x64 cm Standard equipment, grey model Plate size : 650x550 mm (0,15 -0,5 mm thickness) Blanket size : 677x525 mm (1,9 mm thickness)
1999 Heidelberg SM 74-5-PHL Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74-5-PHL Year 1999 Approx. 174 mill. Features: Alcolor Autoplate CPC 1-04 CP-Tronic Technotrans cooling Ink unit temperature control Automatic Roller...
Category: Sheet Fed
Max Speed: 18,000 iph Max Sheet Size: 750 x 1050 mm Autoplate Advanced CP 2000 Off Press Controls Alcolor Vario Dampening Tecnotrans Combination Refrigeration & Recirculation Unit...
2001 Heidelberg SM 102-4P Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Equipped with the following: Alcolor with Vario - CP2000 Center - Program-controlled wash-up device - Autoplate - Super Blue - Perfect jacket - Preset stream feeder - Non-stop pile feede...
Heidelberg SM102-4P3  Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
4/c 2/2 perfector, 214mm imps
Heidelberg SM102-4P3+L  Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
4/c perfector + coater, CP2000, 243mm imps
Heidelberg SM XL 75-5+L(X2)-C Axis Control Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
AxisControl, Alcolor Vario, Preset streamfeeder, chamber ductor blade, ink temperature control watercooled, ink unit washing device, blanket cylinder washing device, ultrasonic double sheet...