Heidelberg Speedmaster SM XL 105

Maybe the most automated machine on the market today, Heidelberg's Speedmaster SM XL range is the top-of the range press.  Used Heidelberg SM XL 106 and the earlier XL 105 presses are very popular on the used market, from 5 colour preses to 8, 10 and 12 colour second hand long perfectors.  Many have coaters/coating as well as perfecting.  Models often available are used Heidelberg XL 105-5 five colours, XL105-6 six coulrs, XL 105-8 eight colours, XL 105-10 ten colours and XL 105-12 twelve colour long perfectors.  Used XL 106 presses are available in the same configurations in 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 colours.

Heidelberg Speedmaster XL-105-10P Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
CP2000 TFT Screen Preset Plus feeder Preset Plus Delivery Autoplate Alcolor Vario Technotrans refrigeration Ink Temperature Control Auto Ink roller wash Auto Blanket Wash Auto Impre...
Heidelberg XL 105-5Y+LYY-P-5+L(X3) Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
approx. 210 million impressions (grippers replaced at 160 million impressions) equipped: 15 units description as follows: Unit 1-5 = 5 x printing units unit 6 =Drying unit with 2...
Heidelberg SM XL 105-5+LX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
CP 2000 Currently installed Licences: • Color Assistant // Instant Gate Autoplate Advanced Alcolor with Vario Preset Plus feeder Preset Plus delivery Ink temperature control Technotr...
Category: Sheet Fed
Duo Press Model, Speed 18.000 c/h, Prinect Press Center, S/W Prinect Instant Star, S/W Prinect Instant Gate, S/W Prinect MasterLevel, 1° unit: Flexo Coater 2 pumps + Lwe Revolver, IR Lamp be...
Category: Sheet Fed
Alcolor with Vario dampening Anti-static in feeder Autoplate Intercom Alcosmart AZR Programmable roll/bla/imp. cyl. wash via CP2000 Preset Plus Delivery Preset Plus Feeder Extended d...
Heidelberg XL 105-LYY-7+ LYYL (X3) Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
14 units description as follows: unit 1 coater- unit 2 dryer - unit 3dryer, 7 printing unit (unit 4 to unit 10)/ -foil star on unit 5-, unit 11 coater- unit 12 dryer- unit 13 dryer -unit 14...
Heidelberg  XL 105-5-P+L(X3) Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
approx. 125 million impressions, Prinect PressCenter, Prinect InpressControl, Wallscreen, Autoplate XL, Preset Pus Feeder, Preset Plus extd. Delivery 3 modules (X3), CombiStar CANopen waterc...
Heidelberg XL 105-5+LX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
In 2016 all grippers changed for EUR 40.000,--