Used 7 colour Heidelberg sheet fed machines

Heidelberg CD 102-7+LX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Coater with Tresu and Anilox roller <> Atlas copco compressor <> AirStar Cabinet ( Air cooled ) <> CP-Tronic self diagnostic, control and monitore console <> CPC1-04 Ink and register remote...
Heidelberg CX102-7LX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
- Combined rollers for UV and normal ink - Number of interdeck cassettes/lamps: 3 - Interdeck UV drying system - UV drying system in delivery - IR drying system in delivery - Heidelberg...
2011 Heidelberg CX 102-7+LX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Equipped with the following: UV coating unit Combi star Air cabinet water cooled Varnish Supply Unit LVG 550E Chambered-doctor-blade-system Standard daylight lamp Auto register D...