Used KBA Rapida 142 machines

KBA Rapida 142-6+L CX ALV2 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Press raised 630 mm <> Heavy Cardboard equipment <> Baldwin CombiLiner 852 High Tech cooling device <> Inking unit temperature control <> SAPC Plate Change System <> KBA Nonstop feeder <> Tr...
KBA    1998   142 7 LTL ALV PWHA - CX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Colortronic Console, VariDamping, CX Package, Recirculation Unit, Semi Automatic Plate Change, Preset, Auto Blanket Wash, 8th Unit Tower Coater equiiped with Anilox, 9th D...
KBA   1998  RAPIDA 142 6 ALV 2 - CX MODEL Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Colortronic (Register, Dampening and Ink Remote System Control) Ergotronic VARIDAMP alcohol dampening Refrigeration + Re-circulation Inking unit cooling device SAPC Semi-automatic...
KBA (Koenig & Bauer) Rapida 142-5+LV Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Colortronic, CX package, Non-Stop feeder , Logistic system, Suction feeder table, Steel plate in feeder, Number of printing unit(s): 5, Straight machine, PWHA semi automatic plate change, Va...
KBA RA 142-4+L FAPC Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Control Unit: ErgoTronic Professional incl. ColorTronic Quality control: Lithec Inline ColorMeasurement (only optional) Feeder type: KBA DriveTronic Feeder Ultra Sonic Double sheet Con...

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