Used 5 colour KBA Rapida 105 machines

KBA Rapida 105-5 L ALV2   Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Colortronic Console Alcohol Dampening System Semi Auto Plate Change All Auto Washers Ink Temperature Control Compressor Cabinet Cooling-Recirculation Baldwin Anti-static system Aut...
KBA Rapida RA105 5 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
equipped with:perfecting 5/0, 2/3ErgoTronic consoleColortronic remote control for presetting/adjusting inkprofilesmonitor automatic presetting of formatautomatic presetting of paperthickness...
KBA-Planeta Rapida 105-5 + L ALV (CX) Hybrid  - little use Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
coater tower (chambered doctor blade system) X-Rite Densitometer (not connected) Colortronic Remote Control Ink Zones, as well lateral, circumferential and diagonal Register Varidamp damp...
KBA Rapida 105-5 FAPC Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Straight machine <> P-40 Model ( max speed 18.000 sh/h ) <> Densitronic Basic <> Baldwin High Liner Combi device for refrigeration + circulation with Ipasonic <> VARIDAMP alcohol dampening <...
KBA Rapida 105-5+L CX ALV2 UV Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Full UV press<> Densitronic- S Professional <> Plastic and Foil package <> Paper, Plastic, and cardboard <> 1 UVI (Grafix ) Interdeck between 1&2 (Galio Lamps ) <> 1 UVI ( Grafix ) Interdeck...