KBA Rapida RA 74 B2 offset presses for sale

Find around 90 used KBA Rapida presses on pressXchange. Beautifully engineered and always at the cutting edge of technology, used and refurbished KBA Rapida presses are offered by some of the world’s best used printing machinery dealers. On pressxchnage you will find 4 colour RA 74-4, five colour RA 74-5, 6 colour RA 74-6 and eight colour RA 74-8. 

KBA RAPIDA 74-5+L CX ALV, Hybrid  Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
year of manufacture: 2008, installed in 2009 sheet size Max. 520 x 740 mm Min. 210 x 297 mm Print format: 510 x 730 mm Plate size: 557 x 743 x 0.3 mm Blanket format 6...
KBA Rapida RA 74-4 + L - ALV Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
max. size 52 x 74 cm age 2004 4 printing units + coating unit (chamber duct) + extended delivery ink remote control COLORTRONIC DENSITRONIC BASIC CIP 3 Interface VARIDAMP film dampenin...
KBA Rapida 74-5 PWHA Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Max. Size: 520x740 mm (20.5"x 29.1") approx. B2; Counter: 120 mil.; Straight machine, no perfecting; Double cylinder diameters; Colortronic; CIP 3; Alcohol dampening; Ink temperature...
KBA Rapida 74-5 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Ergotronic; Varidamp dampening units with baldwin refrigeration and re-circulation unit; PWHA, semi. autom. platechanger; Autom. wash-up devices for inking rollers; Autom. wash-up device...
KBA Rapida 74-5+L ALV2PWHA Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
KBA Rapida 74-5 Age: 2005 Counter: 110 mio. Format: max. 52x74cm / min. 21x29,7cm Speed: 18.000 sheets/hour 5 color with coater Preparation for Interdek UV Straight machine CIP...
KBA Rapida 74-5 UV Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
only approx. 72 million impressions, ERGOTRONIC-control panel with Colortronic ink control SAPC semi automatic plate change VARIDAMP with Badlwin cooling system, KBA streamfeeder, c...
KBA Rapida 74-5+L CX ALV2 Hybrid Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Hybrid equipment <> Foil KIT equipment in the Feeder <> 2 Grafix UV Interdeck dryer in unit 1 and 5 <> Grafix Dryer IR/UV/Hoit air in delivery <> Densitronic S Consol <> ALV2 Extended delive...
KBA Rapida 74-5+L-ALV-CX-Hybrid Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
CX Version For Board Colortronic inking console FAPC Densitronic Preset Diagonal Register Ink Temperature Control Auto Ink Blanket Wash Auto Ink roller wash Anilox Coater Extended...