Used sheet fed machines

Komori Lithrone LS640H+C Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
• Impression Count: c. 100+ million • PQC off press controls with overhead lamp • PDC-SII print density control • Komorimatic dampening with Technotrans beta.c combination reci...
2002 HEIDELBERG SM 102 4 P Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Equipment CP 2000 Autoplate Alcolor with Vario Preset Feeder and Preset Delivery Tandem Washers Blanket washers Combi STAR Ink Temp Control None of impression cylinder damages. Po...
Komori Lithrone 240+CX UV Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Full UV machines <> UV Interdeck dryer between all print units <> Elevated 30 cm <> Coater with Cgamber doctor blades and Anilox roller <> Extended delivery <> No powder sprayer <> KOMORIMAT...
Manroland 705 LV Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
ROLAND R 705 LV 2002 Straight machine 163 Mil. Imp. Coating Tower with "Chambered Doctor Blade" Tresu and Anilox Roller RCI remote control with FM 19 densitometer Rolandmatic Dampe...
Komori Lithrone 540 + LX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
coater tower (chambered doctor blade system) PDC densitometer PQC Remote Control of Ink Zones and Register Komorimatic damping with Technotrans circulation and refrigeration Ink Temperat...