Used sheet fed machines

KBA RAPIDA 164a SIS-6+L ALV3 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
only approx. 140 million impressions (August 2019), CX-Version, NonStop-device feeder, HighSpeed package up to 15.000 sheets / hour, antistatic device Kersten, SIS Sensoric-Infeed-System, FA...
KBA Rapida 162A-4 FAPC Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Straight machine <> Densitronic-S control consol <> Colortronic (Register, Dampening and Ink Remote System Control) <> Ergotronic <> BALDWIN refrigeration + recirculation <> Non-stop feeder...
Man Roland R 905-7B LV - XL Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Steel Plate In Feeder & Delivery Stream Feeder Double Sheet Control Mechanical And Electrical Manuel Format Adjustment Double Sized Impression Cylinder - Chromed PPL Semi-Automatic Pla...
RA 162A-5+L Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
SAPC Varidamp ErgoTronic Professional with ColorTronic ink metering DensiTronic Professional Qualitronic ColorControl ACR-Control Video Register Ink temp. control Water cooled All wa...
KBA Rapida 162-6+L CX ALV3 FAPC Hybrid Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Densitronic-S spectrophotometer <> ACR Video register control <> ALV3 - Tripple extended delivery 3900 mm <> Press raise 420 mm <> Hybride package <> Washtronic package for UV interdecks <>...
2008 Heidelberg XL Speedmaster 162-8-P Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Heidelberg Prinect Press Center, Inpress Control, Wallscreen, Preset Plus Feeder, Ultra Sonic Double sheet Control, Number of printing units: 8, Perfecting: 4/4, Autoplate XL, Jackets, Blank...