Used sheet fed machines

Ryobi 524 HX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Max. size 375 x 520 mm; Speed 3,000 ~ 13,000 sh/h; Thickness 0.04 ~ 0.5 mm; Impression - 60 mio; Ryobi Printing Control System (PCS); Ryobimatic continuous dampening; Technotrans alp...
Komori L428 + Coater 4 Unit Press Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
PQC console Komorimatic Dampening Baldwin Recirculator Placing system with quick-acting jaws Cylinders Plate and blanket Chrome Steel ramp in Feeder and Output High battery...
Hans Wahli Wahli stream Feeder 531 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
2008 WAHLI STREAMFED ENVELOPE FEEDERS Two machines Suction belts Compressors Suit SM 52, Ryobi 52, Shinohara 52 etc Min size E3 Max size C4
2014 Halm Super Jet JP-TWOD-6D Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
2014 HALM JET PRESS MODEL JP-TWOD-6D ENVELOPE PRESS NEW PRESS TO MARKET Two colour Perfecting Size E8 up to C4 Speed 15-20,000 per hour Photos and video available on request
Adast Dominant 745C Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Max. size 480 x 660 mm; Straight machine; Impressions: 70 mio; Adamatic alcohol dampening; Technotrans refrigeration device; Remote control: register - Ink dot; Touch screen control;...