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Used Press machines

Heidelberg XL 105-8-P Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Control Unit: Heidelberg CP 2000 Feeder type: Preset Plus Feeder Ultra Sonic Double sheet Control Double sheet control Anti static Number of printing units: 8x Perfecting: 4/4...
KBA RA 142-5+L ALV CX Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Control Unit: ErgoTronic with ColorTronic Ink regulation device Quality control: ACR-Control (Videoregister with measuring field) Measuring system: Densitronic S Feeder type: KBA high...
Heidelberg XL105 6 P+LX3 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Prinect PressCenter, Press Center MasterLevel, Press Center WallScren, Press Center Instant Gate, Prinect Inpress Control, Preset Pus Feeder, Ultrasonic double-sheet control, StaticStar Comp...
Heidelberg GTO 52+ NP Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Reference Num.: 3721 Brand: Heidelberg Type: GTO 52+ NP Construction year: 1982 Size: 360 x 520 mm Available: directly Status: In production Location: Germany Sheet size: min 105 x 180 mm, m...
Sakurai 466 SD + L Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
coater tower (Harris & Bruno) SCCIIDesk for register and ink control Olivermatic damping with Technotrans circulation and refrigeration Ink temperature Control S-APC semi-automatic plate...
Heidelberg PM GTO 52-1+ Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
offset 1 colour HEIDELBERG PRINTMASTER GTO 52-1+ de 1999 n°717.624, size: 36x52 cm, version Plus, 12 mios imps, DDS dampening, segmented ink WEKO powder spray With Numbering & perfo...
KBA Genius 52-5 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
- Year: 2005 - 19.6 Mil impressions only - Min: 180 x 150 mm- Max: 520 x 360mm - Max Print: 500 x 34 - Gripper margin : 10 mm - Thickness: 60 till 350 g/m2 - Thickniss mm.: 0,06...
KOMORI 829P+C  Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Sn 109 from 2008 Aprox. 100 milj. Impressions 8 colour 52/74 machine with coater and extended delivery No plate bender needed. IR dryer Baldwin, Tresu chamber coater with 2 anilox ro...
Screen Printing Machine ESC High Press Plus 1020 + UV Tunnel EPS Compact 1050 Screen Printing Equipment
Category: Screen Printing Equipment
AUTOMAT ESC High Press Plus 1020: Max print size: 720 x 1020 mm; Max substrate format: 740 x 1020 mm; Min. substrate format: 350 x 560 mm; Screen frame dimensions: 1140 x 1280 mm; Squee...
Heidelberg SM 102 Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Heidelberg SM102-6-3P year 1999 CPC 2000 Console I88 Milion impressions 6 colors perfector 2/4 Autoplate Alcolor Technotrans refrigeration IR Dryer Auto Wash Ink temperature...
Category: Sheet Fed
HEIDELBERG SM 102 ZP Year 1994/1995 Size: 28X40 Alcolor Dampening CPC 1.03 Console CP Tronics Autoplate Perfecting 1/1 Grafix Powder Spray System Royse Refrigeration & Recirculat...
KBA 105-6+L CX Hybrid Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Equipped with: Consolle for the remote adjustment of ink fountains and registers Colortronic ACR autoregister ACS air cleaning system Automatic adjustment of size and weight of paper St...
MAN ROLAND R 705 3B P Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Perfecting 2/3 - 5/0 PPL: Semi-Automatic Plate Change RCI: Remote Control Desk Colorpilot Densitometer Rolandmatic Dampening Roland Seccomatic IR/TL Dryer Technotrans Cooling Device G...
LINCOLN Powermaster 4" + 6" ImageControl
Category: ImageControl
Air-motors 4" and 6" available for spare parts Complete pumps available to be used with 1000 kilo containers
BETZ P100-F ImageControl
Category: ImageControl
Pneumaticcal ink pumps to be used for 1000 kilo container
RAPIDA 74-5 PWVA Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
!!! with "LITHEC in-line-colour-control including automatic correction !!!
Heidelberg XL 106-4+LX  Autoplate XL Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Prinect Press Center Wallscreen XL Inpress Control 2 Intellistart 2 Push-to-Stop Color Fast Solution Color Assistant Pro DryStar advanced Air Assistant Autoplate XL 2 ( washing of...
Komori Lithrone LS-429 + CX (M) Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
Komorimatic with Technotrans Alpha D + Alcosmart, PQC-SII, PDS-II, S-APC, KMS IV, KHS, all washing devices, Quick Start, suction feeder, anti-static, Grafix Digitronic powder device, anti-gh...
KOMORI   2017  GL 740 C EUV Sheet Fed
Category: Sheet Fed
PQC-S Control Console, KHS AI Computer Control, Machine Monitoring System and Self Diagnosis, WALLSCREEN, PDC-SX Spectro-Densitometer, Preset for Thickness and Size, Full A...

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